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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big Bad Mutha!!!

so here's the progress on the blanket.... 20 inches to go!!!


Midnight Purls said...

The blanket looks good! Are you sick of stockinette stitch yet? I'm getting sick of Garter Stitch and am seriously contemplating just buying Battlestar Galactica Season One for him instead. LOL.

KnitXcorE said...

i just switched at the center but i'm getting bored.... stick w/ the blanket it's amazing... thx, btw!!! dave demands one now :-)

Midnight Purls said...

I'll def. be sticking with it. I can't give up now. I'm too far in, plus he knows I'm knitting him something, wouldn't want to disappoint.

Aw, sorry I have Dave demanding one now. From now on out I'll leave all my supah cool knitting at home when I come visit so you won't get anymore requests. LOL.

Calling Kahlo said...

This is certianly one of the quicker and beautiful baby blankets. It looks like it is progressing nicely.

Welcome to the NJ Knitters ring!