knitxcore.: February 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

new project?

i just frogged a hat. i think i destroyed most of a ball of malabrigo.

i have no idea what to make next.

here are the contenders:

i really love this. the pattern was inspired by the author's great grandfather. if i write a three page family history essay the pattern is free, so it would be a good reason to to ask about my own heritage and document a small piece of it.

i could write a list ten pages long about all of miss stephanie dosen's amazing achievements. she is the most magical knitter i have had the pleasure of being (internet) friends with. this cowl is dreamy, and the colors are perfect.

i've had a love affair with this sweater since it was first posted on it maybe the color, or the organic cotton yarn; but something tugs at my heartstrings every time i see this photo.

so here is the part where i beg you.

what should i make next?!?!?!?!
help me choose?

leave your vote (and suggestions) in the comments.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

parade of gifts: basil.

basil the bear.

i made this for my niece.
it was supposed to be a christmas gift.
unfortunately, on christmas, this bear had no legs.
i guess it is now her birthday gift?

ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Source: henri the bear kit via yarnigans

Materials: all included in the kit.

Time: about three hours.

Loved: his chicken drumstick legs.


i had a day off.

breakfast (organized neatly).


parade of gifts: tillie.


poor tillie was a twelfth hour project.
i finished her just in time to be wrapped up with this book, and given away.
we didn't get to spend any quality time together.

ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Source: marisol the mouse kit via yarnigans

Materials: all included in the kit.

Time: about three hours.

Loved: her little pink tail.