knitxcore.: June 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sleep + Ice Cream =

An Ice Cream Cozy?
Last night, before i went to bed, i had some ice cream... and i started thinking, "Maybe i should wear gloves, my hands get really cold." In those last couple of seconds before i fell asleep, i realized what my life was missing!!!
After a little bit of swatching and simple math... I got this:
~Ben and Jerry's Cozy~
Gauge: 4stsX 6rows=1"
Materials: Lamb's Pride Bulky Wool
Sz' 10.5 Needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)
tapestry needle
Ben and Jerry's Pint is 10" at bottom. 11" at top, and 3" tall.
Co 12 sts.
*K18 Rows.
Knit 6 sts, slip next stich pwise, bring yarn to front (as if to purl), slip stitch back to left needle, Turn.
K 6 sts.*
Rep from * to* two more times.
K 6 rows.
Sew seam using mattress stitch.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The End Has No End...

It's Finished!!!

Just in time! The shower is in a few hours... I did modify the pattern for my needs: I only used one strand (concerned that i would run out of yarn), i went down a needle size, and i cut the border in half (hoping to speed things up).
it's been soaked, washed, wet blocked and ironed (don't tell the knitting gods!). The blanket is pretty soft and drapes beautifully, i cant help to think it may be because of my modifications.. hehe.
Here is a close up of the edge-

My yarn from StickChick came the other day. It's amazingly soft, and much shinier than the pics suggest!!! I can't wait to dye it! We're going to do 3 different blues, it's his favorite color :-) I tried to take an artsy blog pic for you guys-

Next Up:

-finishing the reverse bloom washcloth from Weekend Knitting

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Man Wants .... SocKS?!

Yeah, that's right! I'm working on my first pair ever, and after i finish the one, he decided that he wanted to steal them. I'm using pretty expensive yarn (Austerrmann Step), i only got because i had a gift certificate. Of course, i didn't want to give them up! After looking at what seemed like a million skeins of hand painted yarn on, we didn't see anything he liked. It's not often he asks me to knit him something, so i wanted it to be special. I found a seller who sells tons of undyed natural fiber at the lowest prices i've ever seen. Stickchick had exactly what we needed!!!

Dye Your Own 100% Merino wool Superwash fingering wt. sock yarn in natural cream. Lovely and soft, this yarn is absolutely perfect for socks!
2 oz skein/approx 280 yards

I can't wait to get it!!! I'll post right away to let everyone know how it looks/feels/smells :-)

I'm a little more than halfway through BBBB, i should have it done by Sunday (i hope!).

My other ribbed sock is still on th back burner, and grandmom may get pot holders in the next couple of years!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big Bad Mutha!!!

so here's the progress on the blanket.... 20 inches to go!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

OMG! I have 2 weeks to knit a baby blanket...

That's right, i was just invited to a friend's sister's baby shower. Of course, because I'm crazy, the first thing i say is. "I want to knit her a baby blanket!". Stupid big mouth!!! UgH! I've only been knitting for about a year or so, and I haven't made one yet. First instinct is to take the easy way out, so i pulled out the ol' SnB book, dusted it off and remembered the Big Bad Baby Blanket. I found this hand painted yarn, a cast off from a friend, in my obscenely large stash hamper and thought it would be perfect. In fact, i shouldn't be working on this blog, after all I only have 2 weeks....