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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Post: Thrifty Gypsies!

GP at TG

Hey kids!!!!!

I know it's been a little quiet this week. I've been elbow deep in tons of creative activities, and it hasn't afforded me very much free time.

I did, however, put together a fun guest post about my favorite local thrift shop for The Thrifty Gypsies! Go check it out!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Vinyl Monday: Sonny and Cher.

Sonny and cher recordUntitled

This was one of the other "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" records from last week.

I was actually embarrassed to buy this. It just didn't seem like something a cool kid would be picking up at a record store. I may have even actually mumbled something about how "this isn't for me, it's a gag gift".

Totally not a gag gift. Possibly a guilty pleasure.

I know that Cher is a big deal. I get it. I just don't subscribe to her current "brand", I guess. Aging pop-star/divas just aren't for me.

However, there was definitely a moment in time when she was AMAZING. It's abundantly clear; she was cool enough to rope in all of the coolest mustachioed bros in the mid to late 70s.

Can you stand how adorable her Sonny's outfits were? Consistently cute.

What are YOU listening to today?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time-Machine Tuesday: More Knitting Pamphlets!

timemachine tuesday 1 tmt6 time machine tuesday 2

Another gem from my vintage knitting pamphlet collection! I really wish they would have printed the years somewhere inside these things. I'd love to know when they are from.

The styling is always so great! Who doesn't love a good disco collar? And that granny square vest? Priceless.

The dapper gent on the back cover is kind of adorable in his gigantic bow tie. No?

I really need to find the time to start knitting all of these amazing vintage patterns!

Have you knitted/made anything from vintage patterns? Send me pictures! I'd love to see/share!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vinyl Monday: Seatrain.

vinyl monday 002
vinyl monday 004

vinyl monday 006

Be sure to watch the video this week! It's incredible!

I was digging through the discount bin at our local record shop (Buy 2, Get 1 Free!!!!), and I came across this Seatrain album. I squealed a little and took a picture. The sleeve was just too good. I kept digging, and set this one aside. I almost walked out empty handed. I didn't know who they were, they just looked amazing.

A dude in overalls with no shirt underneath, a large amount of love beads AND awkward facial hair situations? This album cover was made for me, right?

I shamelessly shelled out $7 after finding two other equally as impressive albums, and skipped to work.

I got home and decided to do a little research. I'm usually not into super psychedelic stuff, but I really dig this.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cape May Zoo: Birthday Fun!

Zoo0712 027

Zoo0712 007

Zoo0712 014

Zoo0712 009

Zoo0712 003

Zoo0712 008

Zoo0712 028

Yesterday, I touched quickly on our trip to to the zoo. You didn't think I was going to forget to show you pictures of the animals, did you?

Unfortunately, I realized that its incredibly difficult to take good pictures at a zoo. There are so many fences, guardrails, and plexi-glass windows that 90 percent of my photos are blurry or obscured in some way. However, the best part about this particular zoo is that they have a "savannah" and "grassland" area where you get to walk on an elevated boardwalk to observe the animals without any of those awful obstructions.

In the grassland area, I fell deeply in love with that white deer (the 3rd picture). I honestly almost cried when I saw it. It didn't even seem real. I can't believe an animal that magical looking could even exist. Isn't it beautiful?! That deer may become a source of inspiration for some Christmas crafting in the future :-)

We had a really pleasant visit. I can't wait to go back and check up on all the sweet little furbabes that stole my heart!

What have YOU been up to this weekend?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Dave!

dave's b day


bashful banana
Zoo0712 027

We've spent yesterday and today celebrating Dave's birthday!!!! Yesterday morning we went to our favorite local breakfast hangout, and then spent the evening with family. Today, we woke up early to go to the Cape May Zoo with friends and then stopped at the Bashful Banana (a pretty great cafe in Ocean City) on the way home for an incredible lunch.

I'm so happy that we got to spend some good quality time together the past couple of days! We've both been so busy lately with work/projects/school/whatever; it was really to enjoy a few slower and more meaningful moments.

Happy Birthday Dave!
(He hates having pictures of himself taken. These will have to do!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012




I got the most wonderful package in the mail from Grateful4Crochet a few days ago and I felt like I just had to show it off! It was part of a Pay-it-forward style giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled, I'll be doing my part shortly!

She sent me a metric ton of handmade cards, a wonderful little book (made from a dashiki, can you stand it?) and a handful of really fun old buttons! It's sooooo amazing to see fiber artists branch out into other mediums, I think that we have a very unique way of looking at things.

I just wanted to take a second to officially thank Grateful4Crochet, and to show off a bit of her handiwork!

Go check out the blog :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time-Machine Tuesday: Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn.

aunt lydia
hey boys

Oh my god! Can you get over that picture? This pamphlet is probably one of the single most inspiring things in my vintage pattern collection. The colors! The patterns! The boys! All perfect. Seriously. I love it.

I can't believe that once uopn a time, these pattern booklets only cost 35 cents! I paid quite a bit more than that. Ten times more to be exact. Still worth every cent.

I always search eBay and Etsy for STAR books. They're full of the best kitschy vintage patterns and the styling is TO DIE FOR. I just can't can't get enough.

I want to knit every single one of these things, just maybe in something a little more comfortable than rug yarn. Yikes! Can we talk about how itchy that mock neck poncho ordeal would be?

Do you have any favorite vintage patterns or books? Tell me about them!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Vinyl Monday: Carole King.



I saw Lea at my day job earlier today (the one that's keeping my lights on), and somehow our discussion turned to THIS Vinyl Monday post. I was tired this morning and not feeling super thoughtful or anything. I jusy waved my hand over my record crates and pulled out the first thing I touched; Carole King's Tapestry.

To be completely honest, I have never ever listened to it. It's just one of those records that every single thrift shop/record store/goodwill has by the millions. I really like OTHER artists she's loosely associated with, she can't be that bad, right?

When I got home tonight, I found it incredibly hard to find a video in which Carole really seemed to encompass a "vibe", after about four or five I assumed she was just another1970's automaton; engineered to pump out the jams.

Finally, I found this one, where ol' Carole finally gets down and really rides those astral planes.
(The drummer is a stone cold fox, BTW)

So, now I guess I'm a convert.

She's really not that bad.

What do you think? Have I lost mind? Do YOU like her?

Friday, June 08, 2012

Doing stuff via Instagram!

I been working very hard on an amazing creative project that's eating up all of my spare time! I'm not complaining, it will be absolutely worth it and it's an incredible opportunity, possibly one of the most exciting things that's ever happened to me.

Unfortunately, between that and working a full time day job, that doesn't leave me with a ton of time to play. However, I did take a few spare moments to make a fancy dinner here and there, brew some sun tea and even try out a few new crafting techniques. For someone that rarely wakes up before 11am, that's quite a list of accomplishments, right?

Instead of just posting links to other blogs about stuff that looks cool, I decided that I would use today to share some things from other blogs that I've tested out personally.

Sound good? Here we go...

We all know I'm awful at taking food pictures; add instagram filters to the mix and it's even worse. As gross as my picture makes it look, Veggie Mama's "Cheaty, Easy, Quick Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli" was incredible! It was my first time using wonton wrappers and the process was totally painless. DO NOT skip out on the heavy cream sauce either, I thought we might to save a few calories, but it was so tasty! Definitely worth the minimal effort!

Yesterday, we spent a ton of time working on our little postage stamp sized garden. We planted a bunch of marigolds and other super sweet flowers, and while we were digging holes and planting plants Miss Indie's Autumn Orange Sun Tea sat on the ledge next to us brewing.. I bought decaf tea bags, because I'm still steering clear of that stuff (very few migraines lately!) and I used a few extra cloves because I love them. After getting all sweaty and grimey outside, this was such a refreshing treat!

Kellyn and I haven't had a crafternoon in ages! While wandering the aisles of Michaels the yesterday trying to pick pick our project du jour, I remembered My Paper Crane's Pour-paint pots and we quickly snatched up all of the things that we would need to make these lovelies. Kellyn started out with a very sophisticated stencil but quickly gave up because the poured paint looked so cool! It's so simple and the results seem pretty great. I don't have any FO shots yet because the pots are still drying; so much paint! We bought the cheapest stuff (50 cent acrylic) and used all four bottles plus a little Martha Stewart glitter paint on four pots, so it was pretty budget conscious, especially for us. I can't wait to see them all dried out and ready to go!

Even in my super busy schedule, I'm still finding time to enjoy the process because that's what this crafting thing is all about, right?

To keep up with what I'm doing day-today, follow me on Instagram -- Username: KnitXcorE

What are you working on?

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


owl pincushion

I'm so glad that Jaqi invited me to join her Tuesday night knitting group last summer!  It's been an incredible year! Being self-taught, I missed out on the more social aspects of knitting for more than 5 years. Knitting was really a solitary act for me, up until last May.

Fortunately, the group and their proprietor, Lea, welcomed me with open arms. Lea and I have so much in common that we easily become such great pals! I look forward to seeing her every week and catching up; I feel lost when she isn't there.

I eventually started begging her to blog. Seriously, this woman is my crafty godmother! She really has done it all, and she can answer any question I have about anything! She is the coolest girl I know!

Anyway, to make a long story short, she made me this incredible owl pincushion for the encouraging comments I leave for almost every one of her posts. I adore it! i can't wait to go sew something and use it :-)

Go visit her and say "Hi!", tell her Robbie sent 'ya!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Time-Machine Tuesday: The Illustrated Hassle-free Make Your Own Clothes Book.


One morning, I woke up with an incredible feeling of emptiness. Something was missing from my life; something was missing from my wardrobe.  I have the fits of insanity if I wake up before 10AM. My thoughts are kinda muddy or slushy or something.

If I actually find a way to function, it usually involves sleep walking to the computer and writing down a bunch of those in-between sleep and awake ideas, just so I don't lose them.


This particular morning, I had been fixated on caftans/dashikis. Maybe I watched the musical Hair before I fell asleep. Maybe I really liked the ones that were dismissed by Michael Kors on Project Runway as "the Brady's go to an Autumn Harvest festival". Either way the thought permeated my existence. I searched for patterns and books that seemed authentic (read: vintage) because I obviously couldn't exist without a super bohemian ethnic print top.

dashiki party
(pictures from RogueRetro on Etsy)

Remember that I'm still half-asleep.

I eventually came across this book, The Illustrated Hassle-free Make your Own Clothes Book, and that became my new obsession. I thought it would be a really useful and fun read (and it is). It makes sewing simple garments really accessible and smart. I adore it.


Even if I never actually make my dream dashiki, I'm still super glad I found this book!