knitxcore.: February 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010



do i want these shoes?
i really feel like a do.
they break my >$50 rule.
but, i've been thinking about them since i first saw them.

should i just buy them?
what are you coveting?


michael buble - haven't met you yet
(not really my scene, but my cousin posted it on facebook. the video is rilly cute)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

book 1: revolutionary road.

Book 1: revolutionary road

i'm going to try to read 25 non-school books this year.
i may give up.
i alway let these flickr challenges fall through.

my feelings on revolutionary road:
i could join the mobs of housewives and simply call this book 'depressing'.
i could be a lit. snob and compare this to some other, more obscure novel.
instead, i'm just going to fear feelings of complacency and shun conventional thought patterns for a while.
i don't want to turn into frank wheeler.
i cried when i was finished.
not because i was finished, but because i was nervous.

(i was going to include the trailer for the movie, but it seemed.... whatever.)


the carpenters - rainy days and mondays.