knitxcore.: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, Kiddos!

immabird 2 immabird imma bird 3

For those faithful readers, you'll realize that this was my costume last year (well, the mask and the binoculars anyway). This year, I've been insanely busy and the threat of hurricane Sandy had me an emotional wreck. I just about finished off an entire bottle of skullcap tincture trying to ease the stress. So, of course dressing up was the last thing on my mind.

Luckily, our neighborhood was spared. Out ceiling didn't cave in (like I thought it would) and the flimsy tree behind our deck didn't crush us in our sleep (like I thought it would). Somehow, the clouds just opened up and passed right over us. That's not to say that I don't have friends dealing with insane amounts of water in their homes and shops. When everyone is allowed back on the surrounding islands, I'll offer my assisstance in any way I can.

This morning when I woke up, everything seemed to be drying out and I finally started feeling human again. I decided to go outside for the first time in a few days and take some pictures so I could join Miss Indie's Halloween blog party. Mandy inspired me to look at the positive side of things today. I mean, it is a super cool holiday.

Later, I'm going to bake some candy corn cookies and make Dave watch family movies with me.

What are your plans?

Thursday, October 25, 2012



Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Rebecca Loebe for an hour between classes. Stockton does these events called "Tunes at Noon", where bands/artists come in and play an hour long set in the student lounge. Usually, it awkward older couples playing jazz standards. However, Yesterday was so much cooler.

I was sitting in the lounge drinking a PSL an reading "The Road" for a Lit. class and Rebecca was warming up on the stage. I was pretty sure I heard the first couple of bars of TLC's "No Scrubs" and from that point on she had my undivided attention. I kept looking up and smiling, concurrently and repeatedly losing my place on "The Road". I was meeting some friends to color pictures for the contest on McSweeney's blog.

I moved over to table closer to the stage and settled in.

I was totally in love. Rebecca has a sound described on her website as "post-brontosaurus indie folk/crunk" and will be described on my website as ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD/JAMS.

Seriously though, watch her videos and tell me you don't love her!!!!

Oh, dude! I forgot to mention that may recognize her from "The Voice"! I only use Hulu now, so I had no idea, but yeah. She's good.

Check out her site!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today, I went on my first geo-caching adventure with my friend Laura before classes. It was the most fun! Obviously, I dig hanging around in the forest. I usually read or just wander around on my own to kill time between classes, but today we had a mission.

Apparently, there area ton of little caches in the forest around Richard Stockton College. We set out on the search for the closest one and found it in about a half an hour. It was "camouflaged", so it took a little sleuthing, In the end, we found a little hole drilled into a brick that we both picked up like 30 times. This one was super small, so we just left a little message and headed to class.

I'm so glad that Laura introduced to yet another amazing hobby!

Have you ever geo-cached? Do you love it? I do!


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tour of The Richard Stockton College: Stop #1, Au Bon Pain

My creation

If I had to lead tours of incoming freshmen and transfer students around the school to coerce them into choosing Stockton, Au Bon Pain would be our first stop.

Psuedo-Gourmet Bakery on campus? YES PLEASE! Eating at college is usually a chore. Being a stuanch flex-itarian doesn't help either. Bringing food from home isn't an option; I'm usually there for two 12 hour days a week.

The only other options are pizza, fried chicken, EXPENSIVE salads or bad sushi. Si, I usually just get a bread bowl filled with vegetarian chili from Au Bon Pain AND after 6pm all of the pastries are 1/2 price. THE BEST.

Looks like I'm going to live on a diet of soup and bread punctuated with fancy baked goods for the next two years, eh?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Analog Monday: Empire Records.

analog monday EMPIRE RECORDS lucas empire_records_mark

Being back in school can make a guy quite nostalgic. Gone are the days of inflatable sofas and color drip candles, late night punk shows and UFO pants, but something about carrying around a backpack full of composition books leads me back to that same place.

I don't smell like patchouli oil anymore and I no longer have Marylin Manson posters on my bedroom wall. I can't go pick up a new shirt at Shifty's, and Limbo Lounge closed it's doors a long time ago. But somehow, being back in school makes my function with a certain child-like wonder and amazement at even the simplest moments.

Music is huge catalyst in maintaining a that nostalgic mindset and so of course, I turn to the same records or cassettes that played a huge part of my formative years.

Empire Records was one of the first movies that seemed to really make sense to me (followed by things like Reality Bites and later, Ghost World). It's probably the solitary reason that I've been working at my current day job for over 6 years; it evokes the same kind energy and atmosphere that I connected with so strongly as an awkward adolescent.

So clearly, the sound track is kind of a big deal to me.

My god, I'm rambling. I'm not trying to sound profound or anything. I'm not even sure exactly what I'm getting at.

All that I've eaten today is a few cookies and a bowl of soup. Maybe this will make sense to me in the morning.

Tomorrow, I'm going to pull together all of the instagrams I've taken so far this semester to give you a little tour of the campus. Kind of.