knitxcore.: November 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

bucket list.

i want to knit a complicated sweater.

I want to build a blanket fort, and read a book inside with a flashlight.

I want to take one picture each day for an entire year.

I want to rip out every page of a book I hated and use those pages to make confetti. I will use the confetti to cheer up people who seem like they are having a bad day.

I want to ride an elephant.

I want to interview strangers from my neighborhood and ask them questions about their day, and then submit the interviews as editorials to the local newspaper.

I want to tape record old people singing.

I want to go canoeing, all by myself and eat sandwiches on the boat.

I want to leave made-up notes in public places.

I want to wear the aforementioned complicated sweater and hope someone notices me.


some girl dances to new order

Saturday, November 20, 2010


i had to write a concrete poem for my literature class.
i'm not good at drawing.
feel free to make fun of it.

concrete poem