knitxcore.: January 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

old folks need glue.

FF snail mail

valentine for charity. 
hand embroidered on linen.  
handmade envelope.

this took wayyyyy longer than it should have, but don't all the good FOs?  i was originally going to just embroider right on the cardstock, but i punked out at the last second.  i'm super in love with the envelope, too!  i just made it up as i went, and i came out perfect.  i didn't write anything inside b/c i hate cards that are already written out.  they're usually kinda cheesy, or just kinda sad.  

i keep drawing this lil' guy on everything. i love him :-)

SnailMail Valentines will be online @ and in the brooklyn shop around the end of the month.
proceeds go to elder craftsmen. a NYC based organization that brings craft workshops to local senior citizens.


Of Montreal - Id Engager

i just can't get enough of them recently.
this is from their new album "skeletal lamping"


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

another gift for a co-worker.

based on the pattern from last minute gifts. i used seed stitch instead of the thermal pattern b/c i had to finish this quickly. the mushroom is needle felted on with lambs pride. the teapot is a vintage arnel, found on etsy.

it was kinda hard to give this one up. i almost gave them something else. i've been searching ebay to find another of the same teapot for myself.

i have so much to do today, and all that i've done so far is read blogs and watch kate bush videos on youtube. i'm such a slacker.
my to do list is jam packed today:

-bake bread for dinner tonight
-go grocery shopping
-put away xmas gifts
-do load of laundry
-make bed
-put away decorations
-take down tree
-fill up the fish tank...

it just keeps going. i haven't even got a shower yet. all i want to do is darn some socks and read a book. i guess if i can chug enough coffee, i'll get moving. maybe.

what do you do to get motivated?

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (i'm currently reading it, actually...)

i know this video is for accquired tastes,and 90% of people will hate it. i just can't get enough. she's soooo magical...


Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy new year.

i resolve to:

1. excersize everyday; it's a good habit.
2. buy handmade or vintage in every situation possible.
3. stick to my schedule and to-do lists.

did you make resolutions this year?  what are they?


ABBA - Happy New Year