knitxcore.: December 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"choclate" cozy version 1.0

I finally tried to use that CrAzY handspun yarn.... there wasn't much yardage, so i didn't want to get into something and run out. I made a cozy for my new phone :-) It looks sort of crooked, but the yarn got sort of thin in spots. I'm going to tweak the pattern a lil' to make the next one come to a point where the button is. I'd like to try some sock yarn or something that will work up less bulky fabric... But, this one is crazy like me, so it will be just fine <3

Did someone say bridge jumping? I'm in!!!

You Are a Snowflake

You live for the winter - blizzards, cold nights, snowball fights! The holidays are just a bonus!

Monday, December 18, 2006

OMG! an FO?

Picture 216

Picture 218

Picture 219

I finally finished the Learn to Cable Scarf from I invested maybe 4 hours into it, so I'm really psyched that it looks sooooo good! It only took 1 and a 1/2 ball of Wool-ease Thick and Quick in "Pumpkin". The recipient is leaving for Iowa on the 20th so I finished this just in time. Cabling is my favorite (knitting) thing to do right now, so this was a blast to make! Next on my "to knit" list are cell phone cozies for Dave and I, out of "SporeZillA" from Hobbledehoy. I'd also like to get moving on socks for Dave before it gets cold. If anyone knows of a great 1/4 length pattern send it my way.

It's been unseasonably warm here in NJ, and I'm kind of afraid that we'll never have winter again. I've got all my sweaters and warm clothing out, only to look at them. BTW! Something decided to eat a hole in a cashmere sweater Dave bought me last year. I am soooo pissed! I've never seen moths in our house, I would be dead of a heart attack. After reading the new Knit.1, I'm assuming we have nasty lil' bugger called carpet beetles. Apparently, you can't see them, and the more precious the fiber the better. I have no idea how to fix the hole yet, maybe I'll learn how darn???

We had our small X-as party yesterday. It was fun and I didn't get too stressed out. I made a Spiral Ham for the first time. Has anyone else tried these??? You don't have to cut it at all and it was very yummy. I baked Snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffe cake (from the Amy Sedaris book). We exchanged gifts, and had some wine. Good Times! Hopefully I won't have to cook much, we have a lot of food left :-)

I'm going to go eat some leftovers and work in the rest of the ends on the scarf, G'night!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry (early) X-mas to ME (and the kitties)!!!

Picture 205
Yesterday, a yellow sticker on my door told me I had to go to the Post Office. Rafther than pondering the USPS secret motives, I rushed over today before work. There waiting for me was the large package the yellow sticker had told me about. Before going home we stopped to pick up lunch, the whole time I was wondering, what's in there? what is in that large package?
I tried to open it with my keys while Dave drove, but alas they were no sharp enight to break the official look priority mail seal. SO, unfortunately I had to wait another 15 minutes before I could see what exciting things were waiting for me.
I had Adrienne check out the box first, to make sure it was safe, you can never be too cautious these days. Once she gave me th O.K., we opened the box.

Picture 206

After hours of spleunking, we found some tresure.

Picture 207

Festive-ly wrapped treasure!

Adrienne and I proceeded with joy as we unwrapped these secret gifts from a special pal.

This is what we found:

Picture 214

A quite stellar hat for me, in my favorite color combo.

Picture 211
Picture 208

Some adorable handknit kitty dim sum for Adrienne and Jewel. I wish I could have gotten a video of them going crazy!

But, that is not all, Ladies and Gentleman!!!!

Picture 210

In addition to the hat and kitty toys, we also found a very fancy piece of yuletide ephemera, some beautiful brown green and orange beaded stitch markers and 2 skeins of Berocco Cotton Twist.

Everything was beautiful!!! I could not be more happy with the things I've recieved for my first swap. I'm very impressed that my sceret pal did enough research to find out my kitty's name and even understand my insane love for earflap hats. Thank you Secret Pal!

Monday, December 11, 2006

record box fun :-)

Picture 203

Remember when I said I bought 20 records for $2??!! Well, I finally decided to put some to use. I already had everything I needed, so I didn't have to buy any supplies. I used the tutorial I found on I did, however, use clear scotch tape instead of packing tape and I Mod Podged the entire thing to keep the picture from cracking. I'm terrible at math, so Dave had to measure the second piece to make sure that they fit together. It came out pretty well! (Inside is the green balaclava from a few posts ago, I'm so proud of my fancy handmade gift!)

I'm still working on the Quick Cabled Scarf, I got a little bored. There are only 4 repeats left, so I should finish it the next time I sit down with it. It's looking pretty good. I still have to finish up that embroidery and make one more gift.

Christmas shopping is just about done. I got Dave's last gifts today in Historic Smithville. There was a store that had just what I needed :-) I also stopped by Tomasello Winery and picked up a few bottles of Almonique for gifts and our X-mas Party. My mom had given us a bottle last year and I pretty much loved it.

Alright, I'm going to stop procratinating and get some things done.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Mariners Revenge!

I started a Quick Cable scarf today, again using cheap-o Lion Brand Yarn. I'm not too snotty about what I'm using if it still yields a decent result. I saw the pattern in the back of Knit.1 and it's free on, if you sign up :-) I really like how exaggerated the cable looks in that super chunky yarn. On size 13 needles I'll be done in a day or so.

Oh! BTW, the pic was taken with my new phone <3333 I've got a Mint Choclate and I have to say, it's pretty adorable :-)

I've noticed some bloggers out there want to send SnAIL MaiL X-mas CarDs, so if any of you guys are intrested email me your address and we can also exchange some ephemera...

That's it for today!
<333 KnitXcorE

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I made a hat similar to this not too long ago, remember? Well, I gave it to someone I work with, and his fiance wore it to work. All the girls there went crazy for it!!!! Everyone at her store wants one... This one is named "Cupcake" because it reminds me of a cute choclate cupcake with pink icing. I may have just been kinda hungry. "Cupcake" was finished in about 2 1/2 hours. I used extremely cheap yarn (it felt funny in my hands), but none of them are willing to pay $30-35 for a hat made out out quality materials. So that's it, what do you guys think???

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

It Ain't Easy Being Green!

I don't know if any of you have seen the new issue of Knit.1, inside is not only an awesome interview with Dr. Ruth by Vicki Howell, but probably one of the craziest patterns I've seen!!! I end up buying knitting magazines on my lunch break at work, and everyone is usually just as excited as me to see what's inside. So everyone is looking at the new Knit.1 and there it is, The Balaclava! An extremely utilitarian knit, with an almost absurd kitschness. One person, in particular, showed a lot of intrest in said pattern. What kind of person would I be if I didn't give him exactly what he wants for X-mas????

I had the entire weekend off, two balls of Cascade 220, and ABC Family showing a Harry Potter movie marathon. What did you think would happen? In addition to decorating our tree (complete with X-mas butterflies and alcoholic hot choclate), a Balaclava was born! I added the pom-pom and buttons from Hobbledehoy to cute it up a little bit :-)

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