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About KnitXcorE.


I remember being 9 or 10 years old and spray painting straw hats white on my grandma's lawn. We were making funny little decorated refrigerator magnets to sell at craft fairs. I looked at my grandma, a popsicle stick angel, and asked her if I would ever be lucky enough to make things as a career. She put down her can and said this, "Creating isn't something you do to make money; it’s something you do to be happy".

Every summer, we pulled out or matching hot glue guns and we ruled the world. Mops heads became people. A tissue could be a ghost. Everything could be something else. Everything is something else.

Sometimes, I turn things upside down; wondering if “it” could be more than “it” is. “It” usually is. I want her to be proud.

And so, I glue things to other things, I make tiny stitches, and I paint things different colors during my personal quest for happiness.
I can barely sleep knowing that there is something I need to create.

When I’m finished, I’ll stack up my accomplishments and sew on a tiny grosgrain tag.

“A world built by me. Inspired by her.”

My blog chronicles the creative life that she inspired and reflects the happiness that only a "maker of things" can understand.

I hope to harness that energy, and to inspire others in the way that my grandma inspired me.