knitxcore.: April 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

H is for Hole

H is For Hole

Believe it or not, this is first time this has happened to me!

I really didn't expect it from a pricey sock yarn. Maybe I wore them too much?

Either way, the situation gave a chance to learn how to darn. I found a video on YouTube of an old lady doing it, and that it looked simple enough. While I didn't move as quickly as her, or do as perfect a job, the hole has been patched up and the socks will live to see another day. (I, honestly was almost in tears, over a hole in a sock.)

You can darn socks to:

or just listen to good music, if darning isn't you bag:

Tegan and Sara - Speak Slow


Sunday, April 13, 2008

G is for GroW!!!!!

g is for grow

You may remember last years garden, and that even though I had all the basil anyone could ask for I couldn't get a damn tomato to grow???? Yeah, that garden.
Instead of getting discouraged and throwing in the towel, I've decided to give this whole "growing food" thing another shot. Inspired by Jana's
recession garden, I lurked a few gardening messageboards, I found what could be a perfect plant fot my tiny shady deck.
Tom Thumb Peas!!!!! (even their name is cute!) Apparently, it is a quite rare heirloom variety dating back to the 1800's. I had quite a hard time actually getting the seeds, though. I ordered from one website and they had sold out, others were in the UK and Canada and the shipping wasn't worth the cost of the seeds. I finally found some @
Trade Winds Fruit. They sprung up pretty quickly considering I didn't use an inoculant or even bother to freeze the seeds first. The lil' seedlings need to make it a few more days on the kitchen table before I'm comfortable putting them outside in their pots.

I still haven't made my mom a gift, it's obviously to late to knit anything fancy and I couldn't think of anyhing to sew :-( If anyone has any good ideas, lemme know? I have 10 days left and she really likes handmade gifts. If it gets down to the wire, I'm sure I could find something on Etsy.

I finished something for the shop!!!!! I know it's been empty for a while, but I have a plan and hopefully this time I can fill it up and keep it full. You all will be the first to know when it's ready :-)


Kate Nash - Mouthwash


Thursday, April 10, 2008

SPT: 041008

SPT: 041008

Out damned spot, I say!
It's cleaning day.

---GooDClEAn FUN---

Eisley - Come Clean (live @ sundance)


Thursday, April 03, 2008

SPT: 040308 hightea.


Drinking tea with an octopus is quite an intrigue.
Just don't raise your pinky, if your company is missing said digits it is considered quite rude.


Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

F is for FO

F is for FO

I just finished a pair of socks I started in January, the sad part is that there just plain ol' stockinette socks. No cables, or fancy ribbing just generic toe-up socks. I\
]=mmediately upon finishing them I decided I wanted to take the FO pic outside, outside where it rained last night. I was pretty much standing in mud. Oh! The things I'll do for a good photo.

Pattern Particulars

Pattern Source:
Wendy's Fingering Weight Toe-Up socks with Gusset Heel
Needles: 32" US Size 1 Addi Turbos
Materials: Hobbledehoy Merino Sock Yarn in Pop Quiz
Time: Longer than it should have ever taken. I started these in January.

loved: Not picking up any stitches for the heel!!!!!!
hated: I casted off sort of tightly, and I'm not going back to fix it.

Notes: I followed the pattern for the Large size, and did a 3X2 rib before casting off in pattern.


I need to make something new for my mom for her birthday. I started an apron and realized I cut the pieces out wrong, so that's not going to work. I know that Branching Out pattern is supposed to be pretty simple for beginner lace, and I have some raw silk hanging around it may look nice in.


Belly - Feed the tree