knitxcore.: January 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i usually drink coffee in the bathtub.
this morning, that was not an option.
a few days ago, someone hit a pole and our whole neighborhood lost electricity for a couple of hours.
since then, there has been no hot water.
after boiling 6 pots of water on the stove, i only had about 6 inches of water to bathe in.
so now, mr. hot water heater and i are NOT friends.

an open letter to my hot water heater:

i can't believe you ditched me.
we've been friends for over five years.
i don't want to play with you anymore.
i think it would be best if you gave me back my he-man 'guys' and my skip-it.
i don't want you to have fun if it's not with me.
i'll bring your POGs to school tomorrow.
there is no need to get our parents involved.


P.S. i unraveled all of your queen tapes.
if i had to listen to 'bohemian rhapsody' one more time, i swear i would have beat you up behind the laundromat


the monkees - pleasant valley sunday
(it makes me smile)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


my grandma thought randy travis was a 'dreamboat'.
we used to listen to him in the car on the way to kmart.
she didn't live that far away, so it was only one or two songs.
unless there was a sale at caldor. in which case, we would listen to half of a cassette.
it was ok.
sometimes, we would stop by a takeout restaurant and get tiny chicken sandwiches.
it only took one or two bites to finish them.
there is nothing more fun than singing along to 'deeper than the holler' with a mouth full of fried chicken and bread.


kappa danielson - deeper than the holler (randy travis cover)

-i couldn't find a good quality original-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

review: the little prince

existential masterpiece!
disguised as a harmless children's parable, Exupery contemplates the loss of 'the child' in man. "the little prince" rivals both Camus' "the stranger" and Bach's "johnathan livingston seagull".
certain passages still seem relevant to contemporary society (i.e. 'men have no more time to understand anything. they buy things all ready made at the shops. but there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends anymore.'); a difficult task for a book written over sixty years ago. if i could only read one book for the rest of my life, i would pick this. not because it was a 'nice little story'. but because it forces 'grown-ups'to live deliberately.

read it. it's good.

i found my copy at a dirty charity shop. i was supposed to be christmas shopping for my co-workers. they were having a 50% sale.
i bought a mountain of 'things':

4 highball glasses
a plate with a big-eyed girl on it
a tiny honeycomb paper santa
an elvis record
a buddy holly record
the 'mary poppins' soundtrack
2 cookbooks
'the little prince' first edition (1943)
'the silver nutmeg' (1956)
2 little handsewn cat toys made by the lady behind the register.

all for a total of $15!!!!

the store was pure magic. i would live there, if they'd let me :-)

thrift for cats


Sunday, January 03, 2010

patience is a virtue.

charade socks

i started these charade socks (ravelry link) in march.
i just finished them this morning. lol.
i tossed them in a basket and forgot about them for a few months.
yesterday, i picked them up and just plowed through the second sock.
tofutsies it the splitt-iest(?) yarn i have ever used.
the sad part is the finished socks are so comfortable, that the splitting isn't even a deal breaker.
i *might* use it again. one day.
i picked the worst colorway webs had on purpose, but it really grew on me.
after a few sizing issues, i ended up casting on 72 stitches and then just followed the pattern 'as is'.
i'm so happy to have an FO to share!!!!

what are you working on???


the wannadies - you and me song


Saturday, January 02, 2010

we declare world contact day

i've been in a dayquil induced haze for at least a week now.
i feel disgusting.
my nose is running in my sleep.
every morning, i wake up to a snot covered pillow.
i have absolutely no appetite,
and have eaten nothing but christmas cookies
from the time i open my eyes until i pass out on the sofa.
i downloaded the carpenters 40/40 album right before i got sick
and have listened to it almost exclusively.
i can barely squeak out a whole sentence without coughing,
but i now know every word to 'calling occupants of interplanetary craft (the recognized anthem of world contact day')'.
i'm sad that i have never bothered to listen to the carpenters until now.
they are absolutely one on the best bands to exist, ever.
and that's not just the dayquil talking.


the carpenters - calling occupants of interplanetary craft (the recognized anthem of world contact day)