knitxcore.: October 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WIP Tuesday

GreyOwl's Ganomy.

1. Another Ganomy Hat (for a personal swap)

Retro Revival.

2. A secret project, that I'm having yarn issues with.

RPM numba 1

3. The second RPM sock (from which I'm suffering a giant cast of the SSS)

Plus: the hibernators; Mr. Besotted Scarf, Miss Branching Out, and The Moderne Log Cabin Blanket of Doom.

So, as you can see I really should be knitting. While I do that, you all can watch a video:

Tilly and the Wall - The Freest Man

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Squirrel-riffic Snow Hat!

squirrel hat

I just read Tideland, and watched the movie. In both, there's a part when the protagonist frees a talking squirrel from being stuffed and sewn. Somehow, that translated into me really wanting a hat with squirrels on it. It's a damn shame I didn't realize I was using size 6 needles on a size 8 sorta project until I was completely finished and went to put away the needles.

squirrel hat close-up

This was my first attempt at knitting anything from a graph into the round, and I don't think it turned out too badly. But, unfortunately, since my gauge was off (thanx for not being numbered Addi-turbos!) he's being sent away to the ol' Etsy shop to make some other squirrel enthusiast smile.

If you haven't seen or read Tideland, here's a quick overview:

And if you haven't checked out the shop yet:


Monday, October 15, 2007

C is for cookie....

that's good enough for me.

candy corn cookies

These lovlies are from a recipe in the Martha Stewart Halloween Magazine. They're pretty easy to make, and quite delectable. I usually make heavy, iced, shortening cookies shaped like bats on Halloween but I decided to give these a shot (I'll probably make the other ones anyway). There are tons of cute lil' decorating ideas and recipes throughout the issue, and a pretty awesome use of
white cotton candy.

candy corn cookies

I don't know what's wrong with that etsy link, it worked for some and not others. You can get to the shop by just typing in, if the link is still messed up. I hope to get some more things listed soon.

Cookie Monster absolutely approves of Martha's cookies.



Friday, October 12, 2007

it's open!!!!!!!!!

I kind of kept it a secret, but the first item is in the KnitXcorE etsy shop!!!!!

I'm so ProUD!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TheAbsentKnitter rox....

Because, not only did she send me some awesome stuff:


But, she also put up a sweet tutorial on how to make *awesome* star pillows on her blog:

Sweet Star Pillow

I made this one with some fabric Dave picked out about 2 months ago. I have a few sewing WIP's laying around and I was apprehensive to start something new, but the pillow went super fast, and I already had everything I needed.

I don't really do any sort of patchwork, and I still flew right through this project. It was a lot of fun watching the star shape up. My only regret is that I may not have stuffed it enough. I can always go back and fix that when I'm feeling ambitous, maybe I'll just toss it in the dryer and see if it fluffs up.

To make one for yourself (or just revel in Karen's awesomeness), check out her blog @

Friday, October 05, 2007


RPM numba 1

The first RPM sock is complete! I'm kinda proud of this lil' guy, he's my first sock where an actual stitch pattern was involved. I also got to try a short-row heel (and then sew up the disgusting row of holes) and a fancy-dancy pointed toe.

I started a pretty awesome hat this week, but i had a nasty migraine all day so I didn't take any WIP pictures. You'll see it soon enough. Hopefully it will be the first item in the long awaited
Knitxcore's etsy shop. maybe.

I feel like a post isn't complete without a cute video, and it keeps you all coming back. So today you get this:

Tender Forever - Magic of Crashing Stars


Monday, October 01, 2007

Post Modern Music Monday

I don't have any FO's or WIPS to share today. But, since everyone responded so well to my last post about music, I've decided to make Monday's post music oriented.

Last Tuesday, I went to see Rilo Kiley with Art in Manila and Grand Ole Party in Philly. The show was awesome, even though I hated the venue. So, since you all couldn't be there, I hunted down some videos to share.

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining

Art In Manila - Set the Woods on Fire

Grand Ole Party - Bad, Bad Man

Rilo Kiley was amazing. Absolutely one of my fave bands, and it was my first time seeing them live. They covered a Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins song, and an Elected song, pretty fresh!

Art in Manila was pretty cool, they do a lot of calmer stuff, so there wasn't a whole lot of ass shakin' going on but, still a good time :-) I didn't know it until we got there, but Orenda Fink from Azure Ray was in the band. I, of course, loved them just by proxy.

Grand Ole Party, was indeed that! They sort of had a Gossip-y, YeahYeahYeah's thing going on. The singer also played the drums! I've been to a ton of shows, and I've never seen it before, it was pretty awesome.

I'm sure some knitting might pop up this week. I'm just about finished my first RPM sock, even though the heel is a lil' heinous :-(