knitxcore.: July 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i need a haircut.

this is what my hair looks like right now.
i hate it. it's thick and kinda wavy at times and usually looks terrible by the end of the day.

so everyone that reads my is going to help me pick a new 'do. right?

i want:
something more polished (as stacy and clinton would say).
that doesn't involve blow drying or straightening.
possibly vintage or classic? (i.e.; pompadours and side parts)
and finally something that requires very little "product".

leave your ideas in the comments, preferably with a link to a photo.
i'll pick my favorites out of those, and open a poll for all of you to vote on monday.
the person who picks with the winning style/cut will recieve a sweet vintage or handmade prize!!!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

floor pillow.

floor pillow

made from a vintage montgomery ward bed sheet.
my grandma used to work there when i was little.
it's stuffed with two regular bed pillows tied together.
i'm sure the kitties will adopt it, and i'll never get use it.
i used ApartmentTherapy's tutorial as a jumping off point
and adjusted the measurements to make it easier.
i'm horrible at math.

floor pillow

project details:

tutorial= @

materials = two standard pillows (which were under the bed), one vintage bed sheet (ebay $8), velcro (i had laying around for some strange reason), fiberfill to fill out corners (i buy it every time it's on sale)

time= 30 minutes

modifications= i needed this to fit under my coffee table so, i did a 30" x 30" square.


sarah blasko - no turning back


vinyl sunday.

vinyl sunday

ed ames- when the snow is on the roses.

i bought this album at a store where LP's are 20 for $2.
the sleeve was so good i couldn't leave it there.
i'm still not sure who ed ames is.
he could have been the indian guy in "daniel boone".

ed ames - when snow is on the roses.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

friday faves.


forage shoulder bag from forestbound.
sturdy and well crafted from vintage materials.
oh! if this fabric could talk, it would have better stories than my grandpa.


zoe woodbury-high's amazing ukelele smiths cover.
i secretly want a ukelele, but i know i won't be good at it.
i had a lot of instrumental FAILs in my life already.


a five year old girl photo blogs with her polaroid
camera. magic.







Saturday, July 11, 2009


i thought i had work today when i woke up.
i didn't.
so i:

cleaned the patio
watched horrible reality tv (nyc prep)
thumbed through my favorite cookbook.
took a nap
got the mail
and embroidered tiny ghosts on my clothes.


now i'm going to bake a blackberry buckle.

have a great night :-)


frente! - bizarre love triangle


Thursday, July 09, 2009

first rose.


i've had this same rose bush for about six years now.
it never makes many flowers.
i'm not a very good gardener.
but, i still look forward to the first rose of the summer.
it's later than usual this year, but it's perfect :-)
i hate the fleeting the beauty of a flower.
it's a perfect reminder to live in the present.
i guess we'll always have this moment.


devendra banhart - how's about tellin a story