knitxcore.: September 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

pictures of success.

yesterday was miserable.
i think i may have 'seasonal affective disorder'. i'm probably just looking for excuses.
i developed a scale to determine how shitty i felt. 0 is severly depressed, 9 is the maximum amount of happy. i hate double digit numbers. i was at a 3 for no reason. i was probably just trying to look cool/interesting. anxiety.
i am so lame.
my friend sam took pete and i to the conveinence store to buy grapes and cheese. her car had a pile of hoodies in it. i wanted to lay face down in them and go to sleep. i wondered if they would have thought i was weird. facework. i didn't lay down in the hoodies.
on the way back to school, sam put rilo kiley on. i forgot they existed. i was at a 5 now. by the time we parked the car, i didn't feel shitty at all.
i went to class. my comp102 professor is a conservative republican with a lot of opinions. there is an unnattractive couple that sits across from me and holds hands under the desks, a pregnant girl in scrubs, and a 'little person' in the class. it's overwhelming.
the only thing that got me through the remainder of my day was humming 'pictures of success'. well, that and the grapes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

book #10: wonderful tonight.

book #10: wonderful tonight.

i bought this book for $1 because the cover looked nice.
i read it almost entirely on the toilet.
i don't even really like the beatles.



i don't know if my dad is a smiths fan.
i don't know my dad.
i hope he isn't.

book #9: everything here is the best thing ever.

book #9: everything here is the best thing ever.

Friday, September 03, 2010

fo: superfancy potholder loop rug.

8/31/10: the cable is ‘sort of’ broken; the lack of vapid reality television has forced me to knit a rug out of potholder loops.

9/1/10: one day project!!!!! i am elated.
my couch is covered in furry little bits of fluff.

9/2/10: i’m going to put tape on the cats feet; they’ll work like tiny lint brushes.
i can’t afford a roomba.

super fancy potholder loop rug.


kate nash + billy bragg - foundation/a new england.