knitxcore.: January 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

parade of gifts: jang-a-lang.

jingle bell wreath

i made this wreath for a co-worker.
it is currently hanging from his rear-view mirror.
he uses it as a tambourine, and shakes it out of his window to celebrate holidays.
i couldn't be happier.

ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Source: vintage martha.

Materials: three boxes of brass bells, a spool of brass floral wire (12 gauge, doubled), wire edged gold ribbon

Time: about an hour.

Loved: the sound it makes


Monday, January 10, 2011

parade of gifts: martha.

fidget, kitten, seagull.

i waited until everyone received their handmade gifts before blogging them.
it was painful.
all i wanted to do was share.
i began biting my fingernails.
my nail beds look disgusting.
but, the holiday has past and now you will get to see everything.

i made this scarf as an homage to an idol who has a strong affiliation with this particular shade of blue.

ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Pattern Source: fidget by robin dodge.

Needles: random size 11 bamboo straights; someone gave them to me.

Materials: misti alpaca chunky.

Time: three hours.

loved: i have made this before, and knew i could finished it quickly.

hated: i had to start three times; i wasn't paying attention to the stitch pattern.


Sunday, January 02, 2011