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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time Machine Tuesday: Dreamboat Edition.

MN1 MN collage MN2

O, hai!

It's another one of those posts where I gush about a 60's/70's celeb and how much I want to be their best friend.

Today, I pick Michael Nesmith of the Monkees.  When I was a kid, we didn't have cable. If I had an opportunity to watch TV it was usually a old re-run of some old 60's or 70's show. Sanford and Son, Mary Tyler Moore and the Monkees were just a few of my faves.  All the other kids were watching MTV and Nickelodeon and I was stuck in some cultural time-warp. (I still am).

What I didn't realize then, that I only recently figured out, is that Michael Nesmith was effing adorable! Those sideburns? Swoooooooon. That knitted cap WITH a pom-pom? Sign me up!!!!! He's my personal style icon, I think!

What are some of your favorite vintage TV shows? Any favorite characters?

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Return of Vinyl Monday: Andrew Jackson Jihad.

(If you're easily offended of if you have a ton of feelings, skip the video)

Vinyl Monday is back! Excited? I am.
I've been super busy since graduating, but I really want to get back to my regular blogging schedule. I miss you guys!

I have a ton of catching up to do with everyone, so if you were expecting an email from me for one reason or another I'm going through the first batch tomorrow.

As soon as the weather hits about 80 degrees, things get pretty folksy around here. There's something about tossing on a pair of cut-offs and riding bikes with don't-care-hair that seems to go hand in hand with both old and new folk music.

This morning I dusted off Andrew Jackson Jihad's "Only God Can Judge me", and folk-ed around until it was time to leave for work.

What did you do this weekend? 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Todd Oldham and Kid Made Modern.

I've had a design crush (maybe a not-so-designy one, too) on Todd Oldham for my entire life. Yep. ALWAYS.

In the late 90's (when I was just barely old enough to ride the bus alone), I went to his shop in Soho and basically cried and drooled all over the place. Soho was a dream world; Cynthia Rowley, Anna Sui, and Todd Oldham all in the same place!!! Perfect!

It may have been a little strange for a adolescent boy to be reading Paper Magazine or Flaunt, but even at an early age I had an insatiable appetite for good design. I tended (as I still do) to favor bold colors and mid-century inspired visuals, so it was only natural that I was drawn to Todd's aesthetic He continues to be a major inspiration in all of my work.

I remember special ordering one of his first books at the bookstore and then selling handmade magnets to my neighbors to get together the $45 cover price. It was worth every single penny.

todd tape

Today, we stopped by Target because I wanted to see if anything was left from his KID MADE MODERN line of craft supplies that was released on the 20th. I was prepared for nothing to be left (in true Target fashion), so I was elated to find a FULL END CAP. OMG, right?

I had the same reaction to tangible Todd-ness that I had had ages ago, as an awkward tween in his brightly colored Soho shop. He just gets it? Y'know? My eyes teared up as I started scooping everything off the shelves into a basket.

After picking up one of everything, the voice of reason (Dave) calmed me down and I only bought a few things. I may be secretly planning to go back without him so I can clear off the shelves. Don't tell!!!!

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to once again support all that is great.

Thank you Target, and thank you Todd!

Who are your FAVORITE designers?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BFFL Knitting.


A few years ago, I taught my friend Kellyn how to knit. After a few garter stitch scarves, life got in the way, but as of last week, we've got her back!

She jumped back in with Vickie Howell's triangle scarf kerchief thingie and finished it in 2 days, and immediately graduated to a sleeveless sweater! I wish I had been such a fearless beginner!

The best part about her knitting is that now she can come to Tuesday Night Knitting Club, without empty hands. I'm so proud of her!

She just signed up for Ravelry so go add her as a friend: DejaloLove.

I cant wait to see what else she makes :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today has been such a long and exciting day, but as it winds down and I have found some time to reflect on finally graduating from junior college. After high school, I didn't have a lot of options, circumstance had put me in a place where I was thrust into the world without my big boy pants on. I took a handful of retail jobs; one even housed me in NYC for a little while. It wasn't awful. I actually don't have any complaints about pre-college living. I did what I needed to do, and I had fun while doing it.

By the time I was presented with an opportunity to go to college, I was positive that I had already become the person I was going to be. Sure, I would learn how to do a few equations, maybe even how to set up and MLA-style paper; but, I definitely wasn't going to learn anything about myself. I would go to class and go home; working full-time folding tee shirts at the mall. Not exciting, but I had already become accustomed to trudging through life pantless.

first day of school

On my first day at Atlantic-Cape, I hid behind a wall in-between classes reading "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf; segregated from the student body while attempting to reconcile my most potent memories. Overlaying the past with the present, these moments of quiet introspection that I shared with Mrs. Dalloway still may be one of the most important of my entire college experience thus far.

I began to weigh the benefits of communication against the instinctual yearning for privacy. Eventually, I started peeking out from behind my fortress (a 3 foot brick wall painted white) and connecting with fellow classmates. Regardless of age or social status (among other things) we had something in common; we were all connected. Walking towards our uncertain futures, we would look up through the trees in the quad to peek at the sun. In time, we would drag some old blankets out to the center and read to each other. We would listen to the Shins. We would take blurry Polaroids to remember how happy and free we were.We still are are both of those things, maybe even more.
Untitled Untitled
I joke around a lot, saying " I hate people" or "Humans are awful"; but if I have learned anything at ACCC it's that people are just plain amazing. ALL OF THEM. Even the guy on the bus who's butt crack was always hanging out has a story to tell. Every single person you see every single day for the rest of your life has a unique wisdom imparted from an incredible personal journey.

-In one of my first English classes, there was a 65 year old man, who decided that after years of being a line cook that he would like to earn a degree and become something more. AMAZING!

-A woman in pottery class used to be a playboy bunny!  She was a fantastic woman with a kind heart who genuinely lit up the room by just being there. AMAZING!

(I'm crying a little. Give me a second)

-Today, I graduated with a boy who has a learning disability, but never missed a math class; even if it meant walking over 3 miles in the rain). AMAZING!

-A transgendered student (and friend) showed complete compassion and interest in everyone's personal struggles, while still dealing with her own. AMAZING!

-One of my very favorite professors is fighting a debilitating auto-immune disease, but still shows up to class everyday looking like she stepped out of a J. Crew catalog. AMAZING!

-Let's not forget about GMG or Two Shoes, who have made such a big impact that they have had entire posts dedicated to them! BOTH AMAZING!

I've never told any of these people that I was blown away by who they are or of the difference that they have made in who I am. There are so many more people that I've come in contact with during these first two years of college who know how important they are to me and my success.


I'm really going to miss that place.

Tomorrow, I get to pull on my big boy pants for the first time; a life affirming action, no doubt. Everyday as  I get dressed, I'll think back to this moment and, one leg at a time, I will conquer the world.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool: Swag!

MDSW swag
My creation

I didn't really but that much at Maryland Sheep and wool in hindsight. I'm still waiting on a very important check, before I can spend tons on yarn without feeling bad about it.

First and foremost, there was a TON of sock yarn, and while I like knitting socks I have more than enough really good yarn already stashed. I did buy a nice skein of Eidos from The Verdant Gryphon in the Pittaco colorway.

I was hoping to find nice DK/Worsted/Bulky yarns to round out what I had at home. There wasn't much I liked, so after walking the entire fairgrounds, we walked back to the Blue Moon Fiber arts to get the first yarn I saw; Mopsy. Someone I know winces every time I say there's angora in it, but that just makes me love it more :-)


While waiting for Maggie Sansone and Rover Dance, Mike (Julia's Husband) and I were digging through this really well curated antique/vintage booth and he handed me this bag of vintage glitter. We all know how much I love the stuff. I bought it right away and tucked it safely in my bag. That glass jar is amazing, right?

See? I didn't get much. I spent less than $100, can you stand it? I think there may be another skein of Mopsy coming my way in the very near future. I effing adore it.

What's your favorite yarn?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool: Wrap-up!






 I really milked the whole Sheep and Wool thing, huh?

Aside from the amazing cultural experience, there were tons of vendors and animals and farmers and millions of boys with beards. So all-in-all, It was a pretty magical place.

Between the yarn, the animals and Mr. Maryland, I must have fallen in love 56426456543 times. Ask Julia, I swooned more than any person ever should.

On Tuesday, I plan to finally share my haul from the festival, and then on Thursday I have the first installment of super exciting news!

I know it's been super quiet around here lately, but I have tons of super exciting things to share  next week, and you should definitely stay tuned for that.

What have YOU been up to?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool: Maggie Sansone and Rover Dance.

rover dance

While shopping for yarn and vintage craft supplies in the main building at Maryland Sheep and Wool, my friends and I happened upon yet another cultural marvel; Maggie Sansone and Rover Dance. Apparently, Julia's husband had already heard of it, and we were only ten minutes away from the next show when we finally made our way back to the front of the building.

We patiently (and excitedly) waited for someone to walk up and remove the purple velvet cloaks from what was easily one of the greatest things I have ever seen; ROVER DANCE!!!!

Unfortunately, my camera battery had died and I had to fumble to switch it out so I didn't get any video. Luckily, someone had the opportunity at a previous festival.

You HAVE to watch this!!!!

What you can't see in the video is that this woman (Maggie, I presume) is playing a hammer dulcimer while controlling the puppets with a foot pedal!

Crazy, right?

I didn't want to leave.


So many quirky happenings at MDSW!  Definitely my kind of place!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Vinyl Monday; Miniature Tigers.

Vinyl Monday


Not all bad came from that tragic FUN. show last week.

The opening band, Miniature Tigers, was amazing!!!!  They had so much energy and they were totally adorable!!!!

We waited at their merch table forever because the band was selling their own stuff. FUN. could probably learn some lessons from these boys, eh?

OMG! Why are they so good?

Have you discovered any really great new music?

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool: Appalachian Flat-Footing.

MDSW1 My creation
Can you believe I got up at 5am today? I still can't. 

But, I'm so glad I did!  Julia (of Crafty Nuggets) and her hubby invited me to take the 4 hour drive to Maryland, so we could soak up some wooly goodness and get a heaping helping of fiber culture. I can't thank them enough for letting tag along! They're definitely two of the best people, ever; like up there with Cat Stevens and Tom Waits. Seriously.

There were tons of things to do/see/buy eat, but I'm breaking this down into tiny digestible tidbits throughout the week, and at the end you get to see my haul. 

This post is dedicated solely to topic of Appalachian flat-footing. 

I am effing obsessed. I always have been. Being an expatriated good ol' boy, I have a soft spot for all aspects of Southern culture. I eat grits with hot sauce, listen to the Carter Family and have had an unhealthy crush on Randy Travis for ages That being said, I can't express how much flat-footing/buckdancing/clogging tugs at my heart strings.

If you haven't seen D. Ray White's Documentary "Talking Feet", you should probably get to it. Incredible! So much energy and creativity!

I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorite flat-footing videos from around the 'net. You'll be hooked. Just be sure to practice outside. I always knock things off the wall.

Incredible, right?!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Time-Machine Tuesday: Dreamboat Edition.

My creation
stelaerw wheel

Ugh! This week has been insane!

The semester is coming to end (and I'm about to graduate), so there are a ton of lose ends to tie up. I've been so busy, I haven't even had time for a proper meal. Ugh. last night, I ate an entire box of Annie's Mac and Cheese.

Almost all of my ceramics are finished, and I have a final and a paper left after that. Not too bad, right?

I'd love to say that I'm excited to graduate and move on to a four year school, but I'm really stuck in the moment right now; reflecting on my experiences and the people I have met and already missing all of it. I become really attached to places and faces, and it's difficult for me to abandon them. More on this later...

I've been listening to a ton of music while finishing up all of my work, and somehow came across this video.

I instantly fell in love with the singer of Stealer's Wheel, Joe Egan. Haha.

I have this thing for the 60's/70's (if you haven't noticed).

He's a total fox, right?