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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"choclate" cozy version 1.0

I finally tried to use that CrAzY handspun yarn.... there wasn't much yardage, so i didn't want to get into something and run out. I made a cozy for my new phone :-) It looks sort of crooked, but the yarn got sort of thin in spots. I'm going to tweak the pattern a lil' to make the next one come to a point where the button is. I'd like to try some sock yarn or something that will work up less bulky fabric... But, this one is crazy like me, so it will be just fine <3


Anonymous said...

I have only been looking for this blog for ages!! Wow - you really knit amazing things - I love the cell cozy, but am drooling over the cable scarf - especially tonight with all the snow falling!! The socks that are flipping through flicker are great too! And you are still working on your knucks?? Maybe you should send them this way...Have to go read more of your posts -- nice secret package, btw...

Anonymous said...


that sh*t is crazy, and those colors are fantastic!! i LOVE it!!! great job kiddo.

Anonymous said...

giggle aww cozy giggle

This has been a butch moment brought to you by


Hollyeqq said...

I love the handspun!
Where did it come from?
Is it your first try with handspun? I love love love it! The colors are great. Who's handspun is it? Once you are hooked, you will never go back.
I like crazy handspun in combo - so a scarf knitted with a solid, sedate yarn and then the fring or sides to be in the handspun. It really shows it off! And it makes the crazy colors pop!
Just FYI:
You have to change needle sizes as you are knitting - as the "flow" changes you change back. Either that or change the stitch to make it look more varied.
Happy Hollydays

Obsidian Kitten said...

YAY for handspun!!! you so rule.

isn't it awesome to knit something out of your first yarn?

i had this total glow of a little kid: hey, not only did i MAKE this out of a piece of string--i MADE the friggin string! lolol

i love the yarn. it looks fabulous.

p.s. i never thought of holly's suggestion to switch needles with my handspun. she is way smart. =)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! You made an awesome cozy with my yarn :) Thanks for showing it off, this is my first time seeing my handspun in action (and that was one of my first yarns)
Liz from