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Sunday, December 03, 2006

It Ain't Easy Being Green!

I don't know if any of you have seen the new issue of Knit.1, inside is not only an awesome interview with Dr. Ruth by Vicki Howell, but probably one of the craziest patterns I've seen!!! I end up buying knitting magazines on my lunch break at work, and everyone is usually just as excited as me to see what's inside. So everyone is looking at the new Knit.1 and there it is, The Balaclava! An extremely utilitarian knit, with an almost absurd kitschness. One person, in particular, showed a lot of intrest in said pattern. What kind of person would I be if I didn't give him exactly what he wants for X-mas????

I had the entire weekend off, two balls of Cascade 220, and ABC Family showing a Harry Potter movie marathon. What did you think would happen? In addition to decorating our tree (complete with X-mas butterflies and alcoholic hot choclate), a Balaclava was born! I added the pom-pom and buttons from Hobbledehoy to cute it up a little bit :-)

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J.P. said...

I love the hat! Really cool!
That's basically what I am making my father, but it's acrylic camo.

tadaahhh said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! and yet, i love it. perfect color too. sheesh, now i have to run ot and get a copy of knit.1!!

Jeanne said...

I love the hat! Great color - too cute. Very nice tree too!

Amy said...

I love it! It's really quite neat, indeed. :-D

pinsandneedles said...

Love that hat/face hider. Good for those cold days where just breathing outside hurts. I must get that knit.1 issue! what was I doing all weekend?! Oh yeah... knitting.

Mel said...

I'm generally not all that big on green, but that is one nice balaclava. I'm afraid I can't look at any balaclava anymore without thinking about the crazy mohair fetish knitter on ebay, though.

Anonymous said...

I never make this is too much!!! Also Hilarious to knit this!!

It looks good on you!!!

Sean said...

The hat is very cool, and the tree looks beautiful. Great work on both!

Emy Augustus said...

that looks so good. the tree too. I had a friend who LOVED the mountain goats...i went to see them w/ him.