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Sunday, February 18, 2007

KetcHuP! A week in Photos...

Picture 235

Last Sunday, Midnight Purls and I went to Fiber Arts Studio in Nortfield. We stayed and knit for awhile, we both worked on our current socks. It was alot of fun KIP-ing our WIP's. Of course, we both felt obligated to buy things after staying about an hour. I picked up two skeins of Plymouth Jelli Beanz is a sorta lime green color and Plymouth Handpainted in the same neon inspired color scheme. We also did a sort of *not* online mug exchange. You can't really see the mug, but it says "Eat, Sleep, Knit" ( i believe it's from and she also got me a skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK! in Lemongrass. I'm so excited to use this yarn!

Picture 236

As we all know, Wednesday was Valentines Day. Dave and I agreed not to buy each other gifts (we were going to go out and eat, but it snowed like crazy!) but I wasn't angry when I came home to flowers, choclate, and a bunch of Burt's Bees stuff on Tuesday night. I cheated too, I had embroidered him some unmentionables and I got him Astronaut Ice Cream from FredFlare. On Wednesday, I made Chicken and Dumplings and we had a cozy night in.

Picture 237

I've been knitting like crazy, I swear! This is all I have to show for it right now. It's the Baby Kimono from MDK. I have, since last night, added a eyelet ruffle and pulled a cute ribbon in and out of the eyelets. When it's all sewn up and cute I'll let you all see the FO. I've been steadily moving along on Dave's sock (Now, re-named as the Ocean Breathes Salty Sock, after a Modest Mouse song that kept playing over in my head while looking at the yarn.). I'm also knitting a piece for a friend's show that's coming up, it's about the art of the protest sign. I've had some troubles with it, so I don't want to jinx it by talking it about too much.
Today, Midnight Purls and I went to the LYS again, and stayed a little bit longer this time. There were a few more people and a lot of fun stuff going on and we got really wrapped up in the excitement of the sale. In fact, so wrapped up that I left my phone there. We chatted about knitting, museums, yarn and what ever other crazy things flew out of my mouth. All wool was 30% off and you got additional discounts on top of that! SO, now my mom is getting the cutest Noni Bag for her B-day! I'm using Cascade Sierra and hoping it gives some depth to my color choices. MP and I were also the proud winners of some sweet door prizes! Such a RAWR-some day! YaY US!


Charles said...

O.How sweet!!! Dave is so romantic!!

I love the green yarn too!!
I was thinking buying some "socks that rocks" too but price is to high!!

I have to proteast myself...Not to buying more yarn!!!
I reposted the pic of myd stash!!

Impossible Princess said...

hey you...

did you know the 18th was my bday?

Midnight Purls said...

So glad you liked the yarn and the mug! I'll get around to posting pics on my blog one of these days. I'm such a slacker.

Yes, Sunday was fun! Can't wait to do it again! Finally a stitch n' Bitch for us to go to! :)

sunneshine said...

I love that you and Dave are so romantic!! The yarn is really cool - as is the mug.... I wish there was a good stitch and bitch to go to around here....

Eikon said...

Love the baby kimono.

sko_G knits said...

wow, thanks for the long post!! i was starting to wonder what happened to you?!?!!

i love the new swag. i am totally into those colors right now...i dunno why?!?!

the VD stuff looks great. i can't wait until G get's back in the country so i can give him his stuff!! we don't usually trade gifts either but...i went out and spoiled him too.

oh, btw i love your online wish list wist thingy over there!

Obsidian Kitten said...

that yarn reminds me of the color of Spree candies--yummy!

and Burt's Bees stuff rules. that's awesome!

ok, you leave me wanting to know *what* unmentionables you embroidered...and what you embroidered on them... *giggle*

i forgot to tell you i made a Baby Kimono too for my new niece! i haven't been able to post about it b/c i haven't sent it to her in NYC yet...shhhh! i just have one ribbon left to attach, but it is *such* a friggin cute pattern. i love the colors of yours!

Gloria said...

Your LYS sounds awesome! I wish I had a store like that where I could hang out.