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Monday, April 09, 2007

Hoppy (belated) easter!

we've been really busy around here. i haven't forgotten you guys, i promise.

Picture 287Picture 304

we dyed eggs on friday, apparently i'm terrible at reading charts. it said, as plain as day, not to put vinegar in the pink or purple eggs. i get really anxious to do things and just jump in. well, they did this weird spotty thing and the colors didn't stick. the rest turned out really nice though.

Picture 293

mr. bunny asked to make a cameo in this entry. i made him last year for dave's easter basket. i ended up having to give him with no eyes and one ear. i thought that i could finish him in one day. there's a free pattern and a thread full of mr. bunny's relatives on he's been very appreciated and needs to be re-stuffed. i don't want to split his face open, but i may have to. he's seen better days.

Picture 282

since this picture, mum's noni bag has been completely felted and all that's left to do is sew on the handles and put in a lining. i guess i should throw a few pockets in there? what do you guys think? how many pockets do you ladies expect in a bag? it's looking really good!!! i'm lining it with wool felt just to make it extra sturdy, mum can be rough with things.

i've finally picked up my second sock, and i've been thinking of modifying topi from for my next project. there's a million and one promo pictures of modest mouse floating around b/c of the new album, and in every one, one guy is wearing the coolest hat. i can't sew hats very well, but i can knit them. i want this one pretty badly. i'm thinking yellow and brown or some other lurid color combo.

(it's the one all the way to the left, with the tie in the front.)



J.P. said...

It looks like you had a very bright and colorful Easter! The eggs looked like fun to me!

Kim said...

Your mom's purse looks great! I know for me, I prefer a couple of pockets on the inside of my purse, so I'd recommend putting in two of them.

And the eggs rock--regardless of the vinegar fiasco!

Amy said...

I would want at least one zippered pocket to hide chap stick, keys, and tampons in. :-)


Mr Bunny is too cute! I need at least two pockets. Seriously, that is an understatement for me. You should see the purse I just bought....

Okay, I love the Topi pattern. I've been eyeing it for awhile. Although I was thinking of picking up some stitches around the brim and creating a little buckle. Brown sounds good....

pins&needles said...

Nice bag! I usually require at least one, but I'm low maintenance. Sometimes I don't even carry a purse unless if I have too much stuff.

pamela wynne said...

funny -- I've been admiring Joe Plummer's scarf, and trying to figure out whether it's knit or woven! (Sadly, I think woven)

Can't wait to see if you figure out a pattern for the hat, though. Love it too.

lupinbunny said...

oo! such a quiet site ;) I can safely visit when i'm surreptitiously surfing the net during boring lectures now...
i think the pink spots look kind of cool.

and for pockets, i'd want one about 5" x 4" at least, zipper not essential for me; but if you cut a larger piece of fabric, and sew it in, then just sew an extra seam down, voila! there's a little pocket for my mobile too, which is always appreciated.

Linda said...

Thanks for the Topi link :-)
It's just what I've been looking for!
Looking forward to seeing yours :-)

Obsidian Kitten said...

i *love* mr. bunny! well-loved, as a good rabbit should be.

i like at least one, if not two pockets in my purse. remember, they hardly put any usable pockets in women's clothing, which is totally stupid and the reason i try to buy pants and shorts in the men's department as often as humanly possible. (and also b/c if it says it's a 30 it's a 30, not a 6 that might be a 4 or might be a 10 or maybe a 2, depending--erggghhh! i HATE the women's department...)

i think modest mouse is the best name for a band, like, ever.