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Friday, May 11, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Purl soho

My fabric from PurlSoho came in!!!! I've already pre-washed it and I'm ready to start chopping it up. I never realized the importance of pre-washing until I read Simple Sewing and found out how much it could mess up an FO if you skip it.


I actually finished another sewing project and dyed some yarn, but you'll have to visit my Flickr page to see them. They're both for a swap that I'm not ready to send out yet.

The fabric all the way to the right is the Kokka print that I was drooling over last week. The other two are for something in my kitchen, but I'm not sure what :-)

Mr. Stripey

Mr. Stripey is getting bigger. I should start measuring him, eh? Everything else is taking it's time growing. I planted a bunch of bulbs and some basil this week and I bought a hibiscus tree at Loew's. It has a bunch of buds so I'll get a good pic when it blooms.




Deneen said...

I love the fabric-I should check out that book, especially since I screwed up a simple purse lining already.

Yeah, Blogger had a problem with blogs with domain names the other day, which caused my blog to republish itself 3 times til it was fixed=I hate when that happens with other people and always wonder why it happens and now I know.

Midnight Purls said...

I LOVE that fabric. I'm eyeing up some Japanese fabric myself to recover an arm chair I have in my bedroom. I'm ambitious. LOL.

I checked out your flickr to see the yarn you dyed and dude, it looks awesome. You have to tell me what colors you used, I'm planning to dye some yarn myself this week!

sko_G knits said...

love that kokka print!! it reminds me of some marimekko up in here...cuteness!! can't wait to see what you make.

Kim said...

I dig the lemon fabric--it reminds me of my lemon tree outside. It's a perfect kitchen pattern!

pamela wynne said...

awesome fabric!! *jealous*

Charles said...

PurlSoho has great fabric~~~
Whn i looks there website..I what to buy them all!!
Dont you thing so?

I cant wait see your next sewing project gonna be!!

lupinbunny said...

good work with Mr Stripy! I didn't go out into the garden for a couple of days, and my beetroots grew in MonsterBeets in those couple of days! Some of them have eight leaves! EIGHT!
gardening's so exciting, right?

(I have that LJ book on order at work too. I've decided its infinitely superior to Sew U).

Crochet Goddess said...

I love the fabric, Mr Stripey looks good. I finally go my garden spot tilled and I am going on Sat to buy my plants. My basil died by the rosemary is great I planted last spring. I plan to plant Roma, cherry, grape,and german johnson tomatos, other vegtables and some peppers. very pretty project.