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Sunday, June 10, 2007

WIP..... monday?

Otto The Owl (WiP)

This is all I have to share today. Kinda sad, eh? It's the front of Otto the Owl, and I'm pretty happy that it doesn't look as crappy as I thought it would. It's still 999 bajillion degrees in my house (well, not tonight, which is why I'm going to be quick), and it makes knitting almost impossible. Knitting wool with sweaty hands is gross and it's not really much of a pleasure. My Elizabeth Zimmerman books arrived and I've also been admiring those for the past couple of days. I even took them both to work today, so I could read during my lunch break. She's actually quite funny whilst being EXTREMELY informative.

Alright, like I said, short and sweet. It's cool tonight, so I'm going to go knit while I'm not sweating.




Jeanne said...

I have one of the Zimmerman books, but I think I need to get the others. Stay cool!

Deneen said...

They still didn't fix your A/C????

sko_G knits said...

hey! nothing wrong with knitting with sweaty hands...think of it this way, you are blocking WHILE you are knitting. saves a bunch of time!!?!

hope your A/C gets working soon. before the REAL HEAT of the summer hits us.

pamela wynne said...

Aw, Otto is going to be so cute! I love EZ's writing -- I can sit down and read her patterns and instructions like a 'regular' book. :)

Charles said...

O SO CUTE~~~ Owl coming out nicely!!!

CynicalGal said...

Just got two of my own EZ books. How exciting!!