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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WIP Tuesday

GreyOwl's Ganomy.

1. Another Ganomy Hat (for a personal swap)

Retro Revival.

2. A secret project, that I'm having yarn issues with.

RPM numba 1

3. The second RPM sock (from which I'm suffering a giant cast of the SSS)

Plus: the hibernators; Mr. Besotted Scarf, Miss Branching Out, and The Moderne Log Cabin Blanket of Doom.

So, as you can see I really should be knitting. While I do that, you all can watch a video:

Tilly and the Wall - The Freest Man


Jana said...

I really like the color of that Ganomy hat. If it makes you feel any better I usually only have a couple projects going at a time and therefore no ufo's, but I wish I had ufo's just to pick up a project sometime and it would seem like it's already half done!

Eric & Tony said...

Love the yellow!

So many projects will be secrets over the next few months. Gotta love gifting. Can't wait to see the result!

Gloria said...

From what I can see of the secret project, it looks nice! Can't wait to find out what it is!

Monica said...

Dude, the log cabin blanket is the blanket of doom. I need to finish the blanket by Christmas for my moms (la flaca). Shall we persist or rather resume in our knit off?

Andy's Crafts said...

Nice gold, I am thinking it will be a nice combo for a Gryffindor Hat. Take a deep breath and think about the issues, it may be the yarn.

Charles said...

OH Robie~~~
Yellow ganomy hat looks so Awesome looking!

Let see...Another hat? Yarn is great!

Cool video too!

Love ya..