knitxcore.: Self-Portrait Thursday.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Self-Portrait Thursday.

All the cool kids are doing it.

i had to walk home in the snow.

For those of you who don't know, it's been snowing in New Jersey. Today, I had to walk in the wet, mushy leftovers to get home from work. I'm already down three pairs of shoes this week. As soon as I walked in the door, I put on some tea(Tazo Joy) and my coziest PJ pants.



Charles said...

Really cute pic of your self!I wish snowing here in CA too!

Did you got the package? I send it monday!

Take care!

Mel said...

We're big on the cozies in our house, especially in the wintry months. And I think you have the same table we have. Better window treatments, though.

Lynn said...

Not so much snow here in Northern NJ!

ShopDaughter said...

OMG!!! You look adorable!! Great pic! Cozies are my absolute faves! I do believe I have more cozies than real clothes LOL The fireplace rocks!

Eric & Tony said...

Thanks for the cozy fire; it's cold here too.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

cute pic - and awesome fireplace youtube video... makes me want to go home and get in my PJ's and knit! :) - it's not quite cold enough here for the fireplace... but snuggled in bed with my warm blankets (and my kitties) will be a nice place to go this weekend!

have a great weekend!

Andy's Crafts said...

NIce Self Portrait. Just raining in Northern California and snowing in the mountains. Keep warm and be good!


We have no snow!! *sniffle* I miss it.

And I *heart* your pj pants! They are adorable. :) PJ pants are my best friend.

Jeanette said...

I know this has nothing to do with this post (though the video of the fire is cute), but I may just be a little too computer-retarded to find your email.

anyway, stumbled upon your blog tonight. was looking at some of your FOS and saw the "brother" to your favorite blue hat... the tan and brown striped number. simple and perfect... it's EXACTLY like the hat I've wanted to knit for my boyfriend! but I'm only good at knitting things for myself, everything I try to knit for guys turns out huge or tiny or weird. I assume you thought up the pattern yo'self, I was curious if you'd share. Really all I need is gauge, needle size, finished measurements and yarn weight. :)

thanks for the help. maybe this hat will get the ol' boyfriend to finally wear some of the stuff I knit ;)


Kim said...

omigosh--I had to laugh. This is what I do here in SoCal when it rains! Guess you have to work with what you've got.

Great pic!

Emma said...

Hee! Adorable self-portrait.