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Thursday, January 17, 2008

SPT: 011708


today, i had to walk home in the rain.
turns out my new shoes are waterproof.
i'm gonna dry off and start another loaf of no knead bread.

---Today's Video---

Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me


Saskia said...

great song! used to play it a lot on my (now deceased) guitar. those were sadder times than these... pré knitting times ;-)

*karen said...

Stay warm and enjoy the bread. It is freezing here in NM

Stela said...

walks in the rain are fun.
yay for shipping to the uk! we kick ass.
There are a lot of mixed reviews on juno, but I liked it alot!

Charles said...

Have fun making a bread!
Stay warm and dont go out will be sick again bro!

You Kick ass knitting friend,