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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

FO: Uh-oh's.


I've been having the worst trouble the past weeks with my ISP!!!! Don't worry! I haven't run away and joined a cult.... yet.

I did, however, have some time to finish and old WIP. I bought the pattern from Mochimochi land about a year ago, the yarn more than 6 months ago during that yarn crawl, and started about two months ago. I'm such a slacker sometimes.


Pattern Particulars

Pattern Source: Uh-oh's @
Mochimochi Land

Needles: Fiddlesticks Size 4 Bamboo DPN's

Materials: Rowan Scottich Tweed $ p-ly, Felt, Plastic eyes with anchors, and fiberfill.

Time: way too long, not because the patterns was hard or complex, just because I'm lazy.

loved: how god damned cute they are.

hated: you'll see, if you buy the pattern (i don't want to give away the secret).

I've started some Jaywalkers (about 4 times!) and keep missing an important part of the math in the pattern. I'm going to go look on Ravelry and see if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong. I keep ending up with missing stitches.

It's been a billion degrees in my house all week, the air breaks every year. DH says it's a rite of spring. I can barely function in the heat, let alone sleep. I'm one of those folks who wraps themselves up in the comforter regardless of how hot it is. I just can't get comfortable without it.

I'm sort of procrastinating, Tuesday is cleaning day and I haven't even finished half of the to-do list. I guess I should go vacuum...


Devendra Banhart - At the Hop



micah said...

spring is the best time to get those old ufo's out of the closet and into some fresh air!

I can relate tot he blankets. I keep my place around 65 all the time and the GF hates it. I can't sleep at all at her place's a giant sweat fest! Blech!!!

Come on fall!

Marlena said...

Those are crazy cute!

And now, with the promise of a secret, I'm thinking I have to make those myself.

Midnight Purls said...

Oh no! No AC??? I hope that gets fixed soon! Maybe by this Sunday!? ;)

Those uh-oh's are adorable.

James said...

Don't worry. The cult will be here when you're ready. Oh, and did I mention we have air-conditioning? No pressure.

Anna said...

Yay I love your Uh-Ohs!

I'm also quite flattered to have them share a post with Devendra Banhart.

Sean Turner said...

oh dey cute, they look like they should have little Ewoks around them in the moss.

inventory was a blast! we were only there til 3 am!

and in an effort to conserve time in my "oh, so busy" work day, i figured i would say that the inspiration board pic is a good one of you, i am beginning to notice however, your sexual assaulting of the soft light spot light filter in PS.

Bec said...

Love your Uh-Ohs. If I thought they were even remotely within the bounds of my knitting capabilities I would have a crack at them....but alas...I definitely do not have the 'skills to pay the bills' to speak...