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Monday, September 15, 2008

Mixtape Monday.

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Cat Stevens - Moonshadow
2.Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
3.Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway
4.Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat
5.Bob Dylan - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
6.Ani DiFranco - What If No One's Watching
7.Travelling Wiburys - Handle With Care



E to the M said...

Gordon Lightfoot? I think I just fell in love with you a little.

Laurynn said...

Nice! Gordon Lightfoot forever!

Charles said...

Really Love the songs always!!!
I didn't know Joni Mitchell sings "Big Yellow Taxi"..IT is so much better then Counting Crows. Really Cool~

caitlin said...

i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

oh, I like this one