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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You, too, can own a piece of land.

terrarium inside

i've been saving this jar for no reason.
the other day i saw this really green patch of moss on the side of the road
and knew i wanted to plant it somehow and keep it for myself.
I googled directions to make a terrarium and boom.done.
i have a portable piece of earth.

terrarium close-up

How I did it (which may not be the correct way):

1. Put glass marbles in the bottom for drainage. I used the kind you would put in a candlescape thingy.

2. (this is where you put the layer of spanish moss) I skipped that step.
3. Dump in a lil' potting soil.
4. Take a spade with you and dig up some moss on the way to work and put it in a ziplock bag.
5. Tamp down the moss onto the potting soil.
6. Find pretty things to decorate it. I used mushroom cupcake picks i bought on etsy quite a while ago.

i kinda love it.

Gin Wigmore - SOS
she added meh on myspace today. i love her.



E to the M said...

I love your terrarium!

Jana said...

The jar reminds me of when I saw Martha make snowglobes one time. You fill the glass part with water and glitter, glue plastic animals, trees, santas whatever to the lid, put the lid on tight and seal it=snowglobe! I've yet to make one, I'm always hoarding them for salad dressing and stuff....

sko_G knits said...

i kinda love it too. but how do you keep your mushrooms looking so pristine? lol.

Emma said...

I kinda love it too.

Anonymous said...

I kinda love it too. It looks very precious. I can imagine being very tiny and hanging out in there.

Crochet Goddess said...

Your Terrarium looks great. I hope you moss does well and you can keep it alive.

micah said...

that's pretty rad.

Do you have to put a top on it?

micah said...

that's pretty rad.

Do you have to put a top on it?

Obsidian Kitten said...

so cool! you need an eensy garden gnome.

.girl ferment. said...

too cute.
do you have animals living in your jar?

Charles said...

REALLY COOL!!! Ribbie~
I think mushrooms is nice touch!