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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a week of favorite things.

i saw this @ meetmeatmikes, and after my post yesterday i thought i would join in.

a week of favorite things

old records. i love the the tiny imperfections of a well loved LP.

i like when they sound a little scratchy, and even when they skip a little.

they're like friendly little ghosts.

there's a thrift store nearby where you can get 20 for $2.
it's like buying someones memories at a penny candy store.


nina simone - feelings.
nina simone is one of my favorites, too :-)
watch it!  you won't be disappointed.



eliza said...

mmm.... nina simone love. ^_^

micah said...

oooh, Flashdance! That's a good one. I will have to ask you where this place is next time I'm on a road trip. they get top $ here in the city for old records.

I do loves them and in my new "cohabitation" thing, I battled hard to keep my big speakers for my record player!

littlebirdbigcity said...

There's nothing as satisfying as the crackling sound of old vinyl. I love it so much. It's all I ever buy.

Kitty <3 said...

I love this favorites week. I might steal it, even though I'm a little late. And despite loving all of the pictures, this one is my favorite. Maybe it's your signature "awkward feet", or the combination of the laces and handknit socks, or maybe the idea of buying someones memories at a penny candy store....