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Monday, March 09, 2009

a week of favorites: day 7

a week of favorites: day 7
i love shoofly pie more than almost any's so rich and gooey.
it was a surprise from dave, along with a huge jar of local blueberry honey.the man knows what i like :-)

"Shoofly pie (or shoo-fly pie) is a pie considered traditional among the Pennsylvania Dutch and also known in Southern cooking.  The term "shoo-fly pie" first appeared in print in 1926.[1] The pie gets its name because the molasses attracts flies that must be "shooed" away."

lykke li and bon iver- dancdancedance
(she's so cute!)



Kara said...

Do you know the song about shoo-fly pie?

Shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy
Makes your eyes light up,
Your tummy say howdy.
Shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy
I never get enough of that wonderful stuff.

kntiwick said...

I adore shoofly pie!!! So, so, so tasty...

littlebirdbigcity said...

Love that song.

Obsidian Kitten said...

I love Kara's song, heehee!

Shoo-fly pie is my favorite pie of all time. Mmmmmmmmm....

Estela said...

I think I need that pie!!

I'm a big fan of Bon Iver & Lykke Li!!

*karen said...

I have never tried shoo-fly pie, but it sounds delicious.