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Monday, September 07, 2009

school daze.

mrs. dalloway

i'm sorry it's been so long.
i'm still here.
i still knit.

i finally decided to go back to school, after 8 years. that makes me sound old doesn't it?
i really didn't have the opportunity to go to college right after high school and was thrust into the real world without my big boy pants on. after folding t-shirts for most of my adult life i started wondering if there was life outside of the mall. it turns out there is, you just need a degree to enjoy it. i'm going to be thirty soon and don't have a whole lot to show for it. now is as good as time as any right?

i'm still knitting. I finished a few special orders. see?:

custom order for shelby

custom order for cory

and a few days ago, i casted on my second charade sock from a few months ago. lol. the tofutsies is just plain horrible. it splits more than any yarn i have EVER used. EVER. but the socks will still be nice when/if finish them :-)

i can't decide on a fall sweater. all i know is that i want to use a rowan pattern (from knitting for him or vintage knits) and that i want to make it out of peace fleece or something from beaverslide dry goods. i pick up the books every night and look at EVERY SINGLE PAGE, not only because the photos are amazing but also because some of those patterns look quite intimidating.

any suggestions on a sweater pattern for me??? come on. i know you all spend every waking moment on ravelry. have i missed a hidden gem???

MagicGingerSongs <3

a fine frenzy - blow away



Mel said...

I think you should design your own.

Karen said...

Go Robbie go! I do not see you folding T-shirts for the rest of your life. Get that degree, live your life to its fullest potential :o)

Trudy Callan said...

Those are very nice. I love the mix of colors.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations (with a dash of condolences) on going back to school! And as for sweaters ... I have no idea. Have you considered Jared Flood's latest collection? They are very pretty. And very intimidating. But the colorwork is nice.
Anyway, here are the men's sweater patterns:

J.P. said...

Congrats on going back to school. Make sure to take the time to enjoy it!

As for the sweater, I agree with Mel and say design your own so that we all can drool and wanna make one!

Obsessed with knitting said...

it's never too late to learn. good for you for going back to school! I thought of you today when I was cleaning my counters with Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Spray :-)

Cody said...

Yay for you! Where are you going? What are you studying? Are you knitting in class yet?

I've also been thinking about a fall sweater. I still have a quilt to finish, though.

Emy Augustus said...

what classes are you taking? what's ur major gonna be?

.girl ferment. said...

what will you study.
love the top photo.

Anonymous said...

I liek your knitting, and you should do somethang original. It'd be swank

Cassiemarie said...

congrats on going back to school!!
what are you going to pursue?

the hats are nice, and as for the sweater, i would recommend a cardigan of some sorts. :)


Ken said...

Congrats on going back to school...and nice hats!

thatkate said...

It feels good to learn new stuff.

I am 30 next year and i love starting a new course. Screen printing next!

Good luck!

P.S Your knitting is great and inspires me!