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Friday, February 12, 2010



do i want these shoes?
i really feel like a do.
they break my >$50 rule.
but, i've been thinking about them since i first saw them.

should i just buy them?
what are you coveting?


michael buble - haven't met you yet
(not really my scene, but my cousin posted it on facebook. the video is rilly cute)


Deneen said...

Buy the shoes, sometimes breaking our own rules is a good thing. I am cheap about clothing for myself. If it's not on sale or a deal (not that I would buy cheap clothes), I don't buy it, but for my kid, I spend more on one of her t-shirts than I do anything for me.

I spend on my Emu's, Uggs, etc and am a Vera Bradley slut. I buy all the Vera stuff off of eBay, but still. I switched from Uggs to Emu and actually like the Emu's better.

Buy the damn shoes! You're coveting them and just get it out of your system. Do without something else to make up the difference.

littlebirdbigcity said...

Buy the shoes! If you're still thinking about them, you won't regret the purchase. I've been thinking about shoes too. Here are mine:
I want.

Saskia said...

Buy! I spent too much time thinking about what I should've bought but didn't because the cheap part of me thought I shouldn't... Go for it and ENJOY them!

Deneen said...

So, did you buy the shoes?