knitxcore.: i want a goose who lays gold eggs for easter.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i want a goose who lays gold eggs for easter.

golden skans.
glitter egg
(i'm still learning how to properly use my holgaroid)

'crafternoons' are bliss.

we painted paper eggs with expensive glitter.

it's still all over my house.

i'm not mad about it.

in fact, it was well worth the sparkle-y mess.
martha's 'glue for glitter' is insanely 'chunky'.
but her glitter is remarkable.
i'm not expert, but i think it's the 'bee's knees'.
i'm currently contemplating a glitter wall somewhere in my house.
maybe behind the bed? could you just imagine the sun sparkling off of the wall when you wake up?

bunnybro and glitta eggs.


the klaxons - golden skans
(this is is EXACTLY how we applied the glitter to the eggs)


hibou said...

A glitter wall would be glory. Mostly in unnatural light, I would assume. Glitter + Sunlight seems somehow hangover-after-disco-night to me. I've been wrong before though.

Your use of 'quotations' in this post was great.

E to the M said...

Now I want a glitter wall or maybe just a glitter headboard. Hmm....