knitxcore.: wip wednesday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wip wednesday.

frogged the first attempt:

addi natura’s were a horrible choice, but i was working with what i had. the yarn would not move and kept getting stuck on the join. i remembered reading somewhere to put mohair in the freezer. nothing happened. i should have known better.


knit pick’s nickel plated are working perfectly! the project seemed quick and effortless and but has become quite an achilles heel. i look at the half finished scarf, packed up in it's gallon sized ziploc bag, and cringe. i don't know where this feeling has come from, but i intend to work through it. when did i become such a masochist?

should i cast on a sock to free myself the monotony of this mohair tunnel???

midnight purls has sent me a giant bag of spinning things. maybe i should play with those for a while.


'lo, in the leaves - happiestlion

this is my absolute favorite thing right now. caleb is amazing. you can download his new album for $1 from here.

"the dirt became a river and carried me away. it felt so natural."


littlebirdbigcity said...

What a pretty pretty song. I love the music you post.

Anonymous said...

i've been having major issues finishing knits recently.... it's starting to bum out my knitting creativity.

you should totally start a sock!

Crafty Andy said...

Love the kid mohair, but Boy it is a very tricky yarn. Good luck and keep us updated, don't lose hope it will be done soon.