knitxcore.: assignment #37: write down a recent argument.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

assignment #37: write down a recent argument.

assignment #37: write down a recent argument.

i was given a script typewriter today, and couldn't wait to use it.
if you find it hard to read, larger sizes are available on flickr.

learning to love you more.

(the next time you have an argument, write down what you and the other person said to each other. Write it in script form,... Try to be really accurate, capturing the real words that were used... the argument need not be long or dramatic, it can be brief and seemingly petty. most important thing is that it be an accurate record of the exchange.)


pins&needles said...

I don't know why that was funny but it was. I would love to do the assignment as well, but I can't fully think of an argument that's happened recently except for at work. That doesn't count because I have to work with stupid people so its an argument to me.

Emy Augustus said...

u r lucky. i want a typewriter esp a script one.