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Sunday, February 20, 2011

new project?

i just frogged a hat. i think i destroyed most of a ball of malabrigo.

i have no idea what to make next.

here are the contenders:

i really love this. the pattern was inspired by the author's great grandfather. if i write a three page family history essay the pattern is free, so it would be a good reason to to ask about my own heritage and document a small piece of it.

i could write a list ten pages long about all of miss stephanie dosen's amazing achievements. she is the most magical knitter i have had the pleasure of being (internet) friends with. this cowl is dreamy, and the colors are perfect.

i've had a love affair with this sweater since it was first posted on it maybe the color, or the organic cotton yarn; but something tugs at my heartstrings every time i see this photo.

so here is the part where i beg you.

what should i make next?!?!?!?!
help me choose?

leave your vote (and suggestions) in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Jamesey.... Definately!


Eliza said...

i love both family trunk and tiny owl knits designs soooo much! (i have a crush on ethel mildred ferguson)
so i guess the question i have for you is: are you looking for a project to commit to? or a easy-peasy lemon squeezy project?

Holly said...

Jamesey! But then, I am currently having a love affair with ancient knitting books about guernseys, and daydreaming in gussetted armpits, so, you know. Biased.

Applesin said...

I'm in love with that cowl! But your affection and accolades for Jamesey makes me think your decision is quite easy- go for it! <3


hibou said...

I vote for Kenneth McNeil. I love the idea of earning your pattern by writing about your heritage (It would be awesome to read what you wrote, too)!

WillyG said...

One of the sweaters, totally. I'm sure you'd rock either one.

Mel said...

I've always been fond of Jamesey, not least because the model (for whom the pattern is named) is adorable himself. I think I'd like to see it shorter, though, and the thought of knitting anything in cotton makes my hands hurt.

I also love the retro look of the Kenneth McNeil. I'm thinking it may be worth writing up 3 pages of my own family history, which I could easily do and then some.

Dave said...

Late to the party, but if the voting's still open ... Jamesey. It has a wonderful modern vintage feel that would seem to suit you (at least the part of you that comes across through the blog!)

Johanna said...

Ohh, the cardigan!

I'm also in love with the cowl. Just added it to my ravelry list!

Sandra said...

oh gosh, i do have a weak spot for boyz in cardigans and that one there is just dreamy. swoon.

Erin Joy said...

The cardigan - for sure - but then, I'm a writer so there's that.

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

Oh, so beautiful !

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

forgot to answer your question, love the jamesey. But maybe one day, you can knit a pant. A little while ago I saw a beautiful woman, with knitted pants, and it was great.