knitxcore.: Guest Feature #1: Poncho Peligroso.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Guest Feature #1: Poncho Peligroso.


i'm more than proud to present my very first guest feature; a poem about horses by poncho peligroso.

"rocking horse" by flickr user cadoux


(this is assembled from google search results and @horse_ebooks twitter accounts )

Show your horse the Internet. What have you done

Horses for sale

Horses for sale in Ohio

Horses for sale in texas

Horses for sale near your home

Horses for sale low cost

Horses for sale cheap

Horses for free

Horses freed to good homes

Horses and high heels

Horses and hooves

Horses and hounds

Horses and hope

Horses and glue

How horses communicate with humans

How horses came to North America

How horses care for their young

How horses can hurt people

How horses can help people

How horses can be killed

Horses around the world

How horses are euthanized

How horses are slaughtered

How many horses are in the wild

How many horses are left in the world

How many horses can you see?

Horses care

Horses can't fly

Horses can't vomit

Horses can't lie down

Horses cantering merrily

Horses are terrible people

Horses are bad people

Horses are stupid

Horses think

Horses love

Horses die

Horses are like potato chips

Horses are better than cars

Horses are better than boys

Horses are like chocolate

Horses are livestock

Horses are beautiful

Horses are pretty

Horses enemies

Horses hate

Horses in dreams

Horses undead nightmare

Punish your horse. Click

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Horse Tax. Best Horse Training

Down this majestic animal with

a single shot every time Click here for details

Patented method for shooting a horse

Impress Onlookers. Don't hold back.

Pinch that horse. Really pinch


This never fails to impress onlookers

Demolish a horse with your furious kicks

Murder an animal using only the power of your body. Learn


It’s impossible for a horse to really die

For instance, you ll see a surprising way to heal a cut or

Rendering your horse immune to poisons

Hi, my truth is not my truth is

This book shows how I do

I was not


2011 Poet Laureate

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