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Wednesday, May 04, 2011



i can't believe it's been over a month since i've blogged last.
time just escapes me every now and then.

since last month, i have knitted a sock (just one) and destroyed the kitchener on the toe; and i have started the back of the sweater some of you had voted on.
i folded shirts for 160 hours, finished 23 pounds of homework, and washed my hair twice.
i have finished two jars of green olives and have drank at least 10 gallons of coffee.
i planted a white and green garden next to my front door.

i finished a mohair tube scarf that took nearly an entire year to knit.


ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Source: "Alterknits" by Leigh Radford
Materials: three discontinued balls of rowan kidsilk haze and a vintage bedsheet from montgomery ward.

Time: FOREVER. it seemed like 600 years.

Loved: the FO.

Hated: -the join on addi natura's; switched to addi turbo's.
-knitting with mohair in general; how do you get so much "halo" in your mouth?



RodPrjónar said...

I wanted to try to knit with mohair... never done it. I am little discouraged now...
The scarf looks just great.

Cory Ellen said...

I love the textures that the sheet added, and the great vintage print. Some things I just hate knitting with - mohair, a lot of alpaca yarns - but usually I like the result enough to forgive the shedding. Usually.

Davitron said...

Wow! I really like the finished scarf, though! That mohair halo in your mouth though, not as fun as the scarf for sure.

Erin Joy said...

Currently knitting a mohair tube myself - though I see the pattern says you actually have to knit two... looks like I need to find some old flicks to watch... love the way this turned out (and the pic is awesome).