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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson: "Ensemble".

This week's vocabulary lesson is inspired by the 1992 movie, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Long before Sarah Michelle Gellar scored a sweet weekly with her band of minions; Kristy Swanson was doing back flips in the valley. I couldn't find a suitable video clip of the scene in question, so I've painstakingly copy/pasted a portion the script:

"A stranger, walking the other way, bumps into Buffy,
doesn't stop. A man of about fifty, he is dressed
shabbily, in a wrinkled black suit and a black shirt.
He somewhat resembles a priest.

BUFFY:(continuing) Excuse much! Not rude or anything.
KIMBERLY:(calling back)Nice ensemble!
NICOLE: What a homeless.

The girls continue walking. The man stops, turns to stare
after them. His look is intense, slightly worried, his face
somewhat haggard. Intelligence shines through his eyes.
He holds himself stiffly, arms close to him, almost as if he
expected something to strike at him."

I was ten years old when I first heard the word "ensemble" and I still use it
regularly. So, thanks Joss Whedon!


Ensemble: [ahn-sahm-buhl]

noun, French origin (1740-50).

The entire costume of an individual,

especially when all the parts are

in harmony.


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Meream said...

Hello fellow Whedon fan. ;)

Anastasia said...

Bleh I wish I was a man. I love menswear. Also Ensenble is a favorite word of mine!!