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Friday, May 13, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson: "Flocculence"


"Flocculence" means having a fluffy or wooly appearance, and is usually associated with the color white.

I have been collecting "flocculent" images for you all week. My Pinterest board is insane!!!
I really can't stop pinning fluffy clouds, or cozy looking beds.

Symbolically, a cloud could be a prelude to an important revelation; while white represents purity, innocence, or even enlightenment. So, the term "flocculence" is really loaded; it's suggesting both a revelation and enlightenment. Try to approach this weeks "Vocabulary Lesson" with these things in mind.

There is definitely something magical about this collection of things.
I love this little guy! I thought about trying to make some spun cotton ornaments myself, but for now, I'll leave it to the professionals...

I don't think I have the patience to work on such intricate lace, but this photo is so inspiring!

I can't even believe this is real! I am blown away by the talent of this etsy seller!

4. bulky knit throw (source unknown)
SOOOOOOOOOOOO squishy!!!!!

There's nothing I love more than a single-ply worsted weight yarn!
I confess . I may have a tiny craftercrush on Crystal. I saw her on Martha a few weeks ago, and I can't stop thinking about her work.

Be sure to use this word "flocculent" in conversation today!


Laura Gerencser said...

I think if I used this word in conversation, someone might think I was swearing! ;) thanks for the new word!

Erin Joy said...

Good word - I'm sure I'll find a way to misuse this in everyday conversation. Can I marry the person who knitted that chair cover?? And I'm not saying I would throw my husband under a bus for that throw, but maybe he should look both ways before crossing... and yes, the DB mohair looks magical. Even if it isn't Rowan... no one is perfect.

Anastasia said...

YES!!! Makes me wanna redecorate my room into a cloud.

My dog would love these things hed rip em all up. Loves it. :c

WillyG said...

"But grandma, what flocculent hair you have!"

knittingbrow said...

What a great collection of photos. I like this post and now will be watching for flocculence for the next week. I don't know if I should thank you or be annoyed. :)

knitwick said...

Awesome post! I love the horned owl!! Also, the shawlette really makes me feel like knitting lace in a fluffy yarn, light yet voluminous...

Benjamin said... wonderful! I think I really love flocculent things! And Mr. Lion and his owl friend never looked so fluffy! :)