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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Encyclopedia of Craft; Volume 1: Bird Card

card inspiration

This card is the very first project in the first volume of the Encyclopedia of Craft. Dave's birthday was last week, so it was a more than appropriate project to begin with. It suggests using construction paper but, I used card-stock instead. It was a little hard to fold, but a little bone folder picked up the slack. I should have picked up a glue stick because all I had was spray adhesive and it made an awful mess.

card front

I used the eraser stamping technique from my birthday planning post to make the front of the card. Excuse my lousy penmanship.

card inside

For the inside, I followed the tutorial almost exactly. I added more eraser stamps and little wings made with scalloping shears.

It was fun to step outside of my comfort zone. I almost never make anything out of paper and it gave me an excuse to buy a few new supplies (a stamp pad and the bone folder).

I'm really excited about finally working with these books and I can't wait to share more vintage crafts!!!

Do you ever give handmade cards?


Coming Up...
-Tissue Paper Peonies
-Connor the Clown
-Our Bathroom; A Work in Progress.
-An Easy Recycled Vase
...and so much more!!!


The Feisty Redhead said...

Handmade cards are the best. I get so frustrated with the crappy selection of drugstore cards. I've been using Sublime Stitching's embroidered stationery kits for a while. So much more personal, much like your cute bird. :)

Applesin said...

I love making card for people but I always feel silly doing it for my friends, only people I really feel comfortable with get handmade ones. And I LOVE that you write the year in your cards too! I thought I was the only one... <3

Jessi said...

so cute! you could totally turn that into angry bird cards for the geeks in your life!

WillyG said...

I <3 pop-up cards! One of the best I found was of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater (purchased in the gift shop there).

I just recently made my Father's day card with a burned-edges treasure map!

Anastasia said...

I ONLY give handmade cards C: I can spend an hour at Target trying to find the perfect card and just leave pissed off because I know I can do a better job.

Also, yours is WAY better than the book's. :DD

Christine said...

I love your handwriting. Is there a site that shows different style of writing just for card making? I seen it once on I think The Spotted Canary, I can't remember. Thanks