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Monday, June 06, 2011

Guest Blogger: Ten Tips with Tram Huynh.

Hi there! My name is Tram Huynh (see that smiling doofus in the picture below? Yeah that’s me…) and Robbie has asked me to be his very first guest blogger for this Tuesday!


I’m here today to provide some shopping tips and styling ideas for your thrift store finds. As we all know in this economy that nobody is paying retail for anything anymore, so why not venture into your local thrift store now and then? That’s where the real fashion treasure lies ;)

thrift for cats

Tip #1: Location, location, location. Big cities and towns have marked up prices, so it is best to go out of your way to a more rural area because that’s where merchandise will be the least picked over and the prices way cheaper. If there are any New Jersey readers out there I suggest Hammonton’s Goodwill as your best bet! Also, if you ever get a chance to go down South- trust me on this- Oklahoma and Texas have the BEST thrift stores you will ever find the country. You’ll mainly find 50s and 60s fashion with the most incredible leather shoes and purses and who doesn’t love that?!

quiet walks home

Tip #2: Always wear comfortable shoes if you plan on going into a thrift store because like a flea market or estate sale, you’ll be in there for at least 1.5-2 hours- plus, wearing flats or sneakers with flats are most convienent because the floors of most stores are quite dirty, fyi.

Tip #3: Carry a lightweight cross-over bag so you can keep your hands free.


Tip #4: Wear your most comfortable clothes. I’m not talking about your sweats but a maxi dress is good for taking things off and on without too much fussing. Don’t wear complicated things like button down shirts, laced up shoes or dresses. I usually wear leggings, a tunic and a lightweight scarf in case the air-conditioning inside is cranked up high.

Tip #5: Be aware that even if the price tag is low never forget always look at the care instructions! That silk blouse or wool jacket might be a bargain but the dry cleaning bill will most likely cost more than the item itself, unless that’s something you’re prepared to shell out.

Tip #6: While you can try out the trends that are already similar in department stores the same fashion rule applies while thrifting: just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you should buy it if a.) it doesn’t fit you correctly, b.) the color doesn’t flatter your skintone, or c.) you can’t see yourself wearing it more than a couple of times.

Tip #7: The golden rule you can live by to avoid hoarding is that whatever you bring home, one piece of clothing from your closet goes out!

Tip #8: Keep an open mind. See that oversized blazer over there? It’s actually your new best friend, you can pair it with flimsy dresses, short shorts, skinny jeans, basically whatever you have in your closet you’re trying to keep casual for a daytime look. And see that rack of silk evening slips? Possibly the cheapest and versatile item in the whole store. It’ll be your best friend during unbearable summer nights and worn under over wool or cashmere tunics to make an ordinary date something exceptional (what guy can resist silk AND cashmere?:).

mini home tour 2

Tip #9: You can find the most unique gifts and home decorations from a thrift store. Wool ties are perfect for your significant other or brother. That kooky lamp? For your electic friends who’s moving to her new apartment soon. Most stores have discontinued or leftover packs of thank you and holiday cards so do your last minute selections here.

Tip #10: Bring your school ID or senior ID card, that is at least 10% off your purchase! Good will also offers a V.I.P. club card where after you receive 10 punches you get a 20-30% off your next purchase. Don’t forget to ask for special days where the sales will be going on. Weekday afternoons receive the least traffic in stores and new stock usually comes in on Wednesdays but ask to make sure.

Whew, thanks for sticking around until the very end! I really hope I inspired some relunctant shoppers out there today! Or at least provided some new tips to those who already have had thrifting experience. I'll be back later in the week with some exciting styling tips! If you want to contact me with any questions my personal email is, and thanks for reading!!!!


rach said...

spot on. A ton of new vintage clothing stores have popped up here in KC, and I've been getting to know them.

Anastasia said...

awesome advice. yes, Texas DOES have amazing thrift and antique stores.

however, I don't know if the goodwills here have the same VIP system, or I'd have SOOO many punches.