knitxcore.: Conner the Clown: His Journey Begins.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Conner the Clown: His Journey Begins.


I loved reading about all of the fun places that everyone would like to take Conner, and he is super excited to start seeing the world! We've packed up his tiny stone suitcase; together, of course (how many big pairs of shoes does a clown need?).

I made Dave pick a number between 1 and 4; and he picked four. So Conner is going to visit:

conner winner

Rae lives in Nashville, where COnner will get to hang out with some pugs and hopefully get to see a replica of the Parthenon!!!

Email me your address at rdulaney82ATcomcastDOTnet and I'll send Conner out right away, Rae!!!!


Coming Up...

-Wildwood Days
-A Work in Progress; The Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Book Discussion; The Life of Pi

...and much more


Erin Joy said...

Bon Voyage, Conner! Send us a postcard sometime!

gwenstella said...

damn, this clown is so lucky to be able to travel to different parts of the States.

Anastasia said...

Whoo congrats! So essiting