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Friday, July 01, 2011

"Eternal Teenager Syndrome" or "All the Girls Are Doing It, So Why Can't We?"



I've decided to do an outfit post, but it's not because I think I dress particularly exciting or trendy. My wardrobe consists of mostly neutral colors, and I don't really wear accessories. If I find something that I really love, I may wear it constantly for a week or two. This is how boys work. We find something we like, and tend to stick with it. That being said, I think that doing outfit posts may make me a little more conscious of the things that I do throw on.

One of my favorite men's fashion blogs (remember, we are using the term loosely) is An Affordable Wardrobe. Giuseppe is my fashion icon. He has a well curated collection of thrifted clothing that fits well and doesn't cross the line. When I go shopping, I always think about his explanation of "eternal teenager syndrome" and how men of a certain age disregard the age appropriateness of baggy cargo shorts and a (insert mall store) tee. I never comment his blog, there is a small network of nasty "trads" who pick everything apart and I don't want to get wrapped up in that nonsense. I appreciate what he's doing. I've learned through reading his blog that dressing well doesn't necessarily mean buying a bunch of new stuff every week, but it does mean making good choices. This has boiled over into a life philosophy. "Just because something looks awesome, doesn't mean I need to have it".

Another reason why I think it's important to do more outfit post is connectivity to the blogosphere. Of course I want to continue to provide quality content and unique features, but I also want connect with my brothers and sisters out there on the 'net and prove that I am human and that I wear clothes. I've started to read a handful of new blogs, and it seems like everyone is sharing an outfit here and there and while most of them are girls in cute vintage dresses, my pal Colby Kern is proving that "the brothers are doing for themselves". You're an inspiration, guy! I think that's it's important for us boys to join in on the fun, and to prove that sometimes we can look good too.

And here's where you get to join in.
-What is your favorite thing about menswear?
-Do girls have to consider looking age appropriate?
-What are your favorite (online) men's vintage sellers?

So without further rambling, this is what I wore to work yesterday. The temperature in the store shifts from boiling to freezing throughout the day, so I need to be prepared for all weather phenomena. In addition, I rarely wear shorts but I love these to bits. I had sunglasses on, but I took them off for the picture because I felt like I was pushing it.



Cotton Cashmere Cardigan-GAP
The Perfect Shorts-Gap
Sloppy white Tee-Hanes
Special Edition Leather Vans

Coming Up...

-Connor the Clown
-A Work in Progress; The Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Planning and Prepping: A Braided Rug
-A Work In Progress; A Black Apple Apron

...and so much more.


Obsidian Kitten said...

Love! I'm a girl but like boy's shorts more than women's (why oh why can't they make something other than uber short-shorts or old lady shorts in women's sizes?) and like you will find something I like and wear it repeatedly for weeks on end. I'm very not a girl when it comes to clothes...I'm super cheap and want to be comfortable! <3 u

Anastasia said...

I'm in love with menswear. I love women's clothes inspired by menswear, and just wearing men's clothing.

It's unfortunate that men's fashion doesnt get the attention women's does. Some of the most fabulous dressers at my ex-university were men!

I love outfit posts of all kinds. Theyre just fun!! yaay

Eliza said...

yay, i'm really glad you did this post! i like seeing what dudes are wearing just as much as ladies!

girls have to consider looking appropriate for their age all the time. of course, it's different from girl to girl, but since i left my teens, i try to never let my midriff show.

i'm not sure what my favorite thing about menswear is... but i enjoy mens hats and ties. i guess accessories that are easy for me to steal and reinterpret.

eat my shorts said...

Yay for the outfit post - you've got style, dude!

I guess my favourite thing about menswear is the tailoring. And ties are awesome.

I think girls and guys do need to look age appropriate, but I think it's more important for people to wear clothing that is situation/event/location appropriate.

And I haven't got a clue about online vintage men's clothing sellers, soz!

Colby Kern said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I actually enjoy seeing what others are wearing, and I like neutral colors when it comes to fashion. I don't look good in a lot of neon or brighter tones.

I'm going to check out that other guy's blog right now. I'm trying to find more quality men's blog to follow.

Mandy @ Miss Indie said...

You're awesome and I heart you. i love your style! I wish more gentlemen would do outfit posts and not just us ladies. Fashion is something that I think everyone should be conscious of because it's so fun. :]

Jessi said...

I have often thought about doing outfit posts - just to make myself more creative with my wardrobe...

and yes girls have to be age aware when dressign - I find I am at an in between age where I am too old for young clothes, and to young for old clothes

Erin said...

I find it quite refreshing that you are sharing this post. :) Helps you stand out in the sea of blogs. My husband loves fashion. He's a bow tie, cardigan wearing kind of guy. Love that you shared this with us.

gwenstella said...

wheeee! first outfit post! hmmm what i love about menswear are ... the plaid shirts. I don't know why, but it just seems that there's a wider selection (i.e. more colour combinations) of plaid shirts for guys than there are for girls!

And i think it's all right for guys to wear bermudas all their life. it doesn't seem weird to me. but somehow, it's just totally inappropriate for a middle-age woman to wear a mini-skirt. oh, the society works in mysterious ways...

keep these outfit posts coming! :)