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Monday, July 25, 2011

Vinyl Monday: Kate Bush.

Vinyl Monday

Vinyl Monday: Kate Bush

I've always really loved Tori Amos, and a lot of people make comparisons between her and Kate Bush. In my first semester of college, I decided to finally "discover" Kate, and I effing love her. She is kinda creepy but kinda magical.

Here, this video can help explain what I mean:

Told ya!


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Lidiya said...

I do love Kate but my favorite is still Tori - her music is beyond words :)

Erin Joy said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! Creepy but cool! I fell in love the first time I heard Wuthering Heights. So bizarre but completely awesome.

WillyG said...

Yeah, that is creepy! I mean, I don't actually remember choreographing this video...