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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wildwood: A Study in DooWop Architecture.


I went to Wildwood today for the first time since I was a little guy. All I could remember about it was that we had to leave because hurricane Hugo was coming, and that we left all my He-Man guys there.
I had intended this post to be pictures of our day, and of cute things we saw while we were there.
I am totally robbing you of the experience, but I left my camera in the car and forgot to take pictures of anything! We ate some Polish Water Ice, rode in a "tram car" and laughed at people on the beach. I did take a little toy camera, but I didn't finish the roll of film.
I'm the worst blogger!!!!

Despite getting a pretty wicked sunburn I had a great time, and discovered a certain style of architecture that's almost exclusive to the town. I'm usually not really excited about signs or buildings, but Wildwood had such a kitsch vintage charm that the first thing I did (after spraying bactine all over my arms and legs) was google "Wildwood Architecture".

Apparently, the Style is called "Doo Wop" and it finds it's roots in the 1950's and 60's. The term was coined by the Mid-Atlanic Center for the Arts in the 1990's when the preservation efforts began. These folks aren't playin' around, either. Even the Subway and Pizza Hut have authentic looking Doo Wop signage.

Here's an example of the style of music that inspired the style:

I really enjoyed my little day trip, and I wish that I had documented more of it!!!
It really is an adorable place. If it didn't turn into a freaky ghost town once September rolls in, I would totally want to live there!

I hope to swing by soon, so I can take my own photos to share with you.

What's inspiring you this week?


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Applesin said...

Totally forgot the Sweet Vintage Wawa, I am disappoint son! :P

Jessi said...

I haven't been exposed to that kind of architecture before, look super cute