knitxcore.: wip wednesday: cats + yarn.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wip wednesday: cats + yarn.

yarn and cats

I finally finished the back of the sweater! In order to celebrate, I decided to cast on a "quick and easy" project that ties in with my upcoming bathroom restyling. We've already painted, and I've pinned some exciting things. I just need to pick a direction and go with it. It's been the same for so long, I'm really excited about a little change. I may even try to make a shower curtain. It's proving to be crazy difficult to find a mid-century inspired shower curtain that isn't vinyl.

knee swift

In the meantime, I'm working on some organic cotton hand towels in my favorite color. Regardless of the way the bathroom turns out, I know I'll love these.



Coming Up...

-The Never-Ending Braided Rug.
-A Work in Progress; The Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Acrylic Stash-busting + Vintage Craft: God's Eye

...and much more


Erin Joy said...

Love the patterns on those books - I could make a bathroom based on those alone...

Jessi said...

excited to see the finished bathroom!

..and isn't pinterest addictive! so great for home reno inspiration!

Anastasia said...

mow hero kitty. Wait so you wanna knit a shower curtain?? Because that would be amazing. a maze ing. really.

Jada said...

I love all those classics you have in your book shelf :) I have sense and sensibility :)

Rae said...

oh man where did you get that cat pillow??? it looks just like my kitty boy murray! i love it!

and what a cute idea, making knit towels! all my kitchen towels were knitted by my husbands grandmother (i almost hate to use them because they are so pretty but she gives me probably 2o every time she sees me) but in the bathroom! gorgeous!