knitxcore.: Works Cited: Star Book #233.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Works Cited: Star Book #233.

star book 233 1

A few months ago I won an auction on eBay that consisted of a handful of men's knitting pamphlets from the seventies. I didn't pay much, and I promptly forgot about them until today. I opened the mailbox and there was little manila envelope in it, but I wasn't expecting anything. I got kinda worried that I may have been sleep-shopping again.

Anyway, these things are god-damn amazing. Seriously. Look at these scans! These boys are getting it.

star book 233 2

(and these are just the COLOR shots!)

star book 233 3

Omigod! This is the dreamiest vintage knitting pamphlet I have found so far!
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!!

Do you have any favorite vintage pattern books/publishers?
Are there any really good vintage craft/knitting sites that I may have missed out on?


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-The Never-Ending Braided Rug.
-A Work in Progress; The Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Acrylic Stash-busting + Vintage Craft: God's Eye

...and much more


eliza said...

O. M. AMAZING. how much more ab-fab can we fit into one blog post? that tank? that aran sweater? i'm swooning.

Michael said...

Oh Good Morning Indeed. You dig up some real gold, mate!

gwenstella said...

yes this IS amazing!! :D are u planning on making any? frankly speaking, the largest knitting project i've ever attempted is just a sleeveless bolero. i'm scared of making a huge jumper!!! have u made one before? jumper/sweater/t-shirt....

i found this website last night!

but it seems that they have a better collection for women's than for men's. gosh this is such a long comment. it must be the tea again... :P

Rae said...

oh gosh! how adorable! i love that knitted tank top! yo have to make that! and the robe!

Anastasia said...

LMAO Oh are they ever gettin' it. God seriously these are so amazing in so many ways. How do you find these things???

I've been looking at vintage patterns on ebay recently too, except...for dogs hee.

Colby Kern said...

I'm in love too!!! Love the tank and sweater. love.

Gina said...

HAHAHA sleep shopping! amazing. i own two books of vintage patterns. one has some crazy shit but i just really love the pictures and the other is an elizabeth zimmerman book. EZ is the queen of classic vintage knitting. although i still haven't finished her seamless raglan sweater i started a year ago... reh :/

ps! i've been subscribed for awhile, but i'm just getting back into reading blogs because i have free time. thank g-d for... unemployment? anyways, hi!

Dave Studham said... are some of my Grandmother's pattern books I found in an old cupboard last year.

Dave Studham said... are some pattern books of my Nanna's that I found in an old cupboard last year.

Meream said...

Oh wow, look at those! You have no idea how wide my silly smile is right now. Haha!