knitxcore.: Inspiration Tuesday: 90's hip-hop.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday: 90's hip-hop.

Inspiration Tuesday: 1990s hip-hop

Today, A friend sent me a Salt-n-Pepa video on facebook, and I first I just giggled. However, once the initial randomness of the situation faded, I found myself watching tons of nineties hip-hop videos on youtube and have come to the conclusion that nineties hip-hop was AWESOME.

It was colorful and exciting; it demanded attention. It was bubbly and infectious. How did I not realize how close it was to my crafty aesthetic? Who doesn't love a gem sweater and a leather jacket with an eight ball on it?

I remember sitting on the front step while my sister and I taught our little brother the words to Skee-lo's "I Wish". I remember going to the skating rink with the girl next door, Bernadette, who always wore a white tee shirt with a picture of Tweety bird on the front in backwards jeans. We would backwards skate to Bel Biv DeVoe and eat gross pizza. The smell of "Exclamation" and burned crust takes me back to that place. I kind of miss Cross Colours and all that came with it.

Anyway this era shaped my childhood and for that alone, it's an inspiration. Ya dig?


Coming up...

-Retro Read-Along
-Punching a Rug
-Book Report: "The Alchemist"
-A Work in Progress: Bird Mask.
-and maybe a finished sock?

...Stay Tuned!!!!!


Lilea said...

Love the colorful background in honor of the 90's!

Applesin said...

Ah.. Push it! Actually Kevin and I have been looking for every single version of Friday by Rebecca Black because I forgot he was in Boot Camp when it was big. He is both Horrified and Delighted :D

emilyjune said...

90's hip hop was/is great! lets face it the 90's were tops!

Anastasia said...

This is me every day. Can't get enough of the 90s. I'm always watching busta rhymes and TLC videos. What can I say I kind of grew up in the hood.

The Feisty Redhead said...

Yes! We do an early 90s day on at work and you just gave me some songs for my playlist! "I Wish" is gonna be in the ears of many a Martha employees next Monday!

Eliza said...

i recently watched the video for it's tricky, by run dmc, and it was AWESOME. instant mood pick me up...

eat my shorts said...

The first cassette I ever bought was Push It, by Salt n Pepa. It was an awesome album and I still heart that song something chronic.

Katie and Reuben said...

MC Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This' and Will Smith's 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' will always be on my ipod. 90s hip hop was awesome!

Reuben :)

Jessi said...

oh my exclamation! I remember my mom's friends kids - who were older and therefore cooler than me, having that perfume, and I thought the bottle was the most amazing design lol